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Every music lover will be thrilled with these RM Sotheby's lots
Collecting classic cars has always been seen a hobby for the wealthier members of society...

Every music lover will be thrilled with these RM Sotheby's lots

Nadja Beschetnikova
February 1, 2018

Collecting classic cars has always been seen a hobby for the wealthier members of society nevertheless reaching out to a remarkable atmosphere of retro cars exhibitions has a nigh-on magnetic attraction for a pretty wide audience.  

One of the prestigious events, Rétromobile Week in Paris, involves more than 120,000 people every year.  And this year, boosted by the continuing success of previous years, an exhibit-sale of vintage cars will be even bigger.

Save the date: from 7th February to 11th February 2018 it will be held in pavilion 1, 2 & 3, the largest and most prestigious hall at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre, Paris.
The 65,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space is a perfect setting to showcase the old models which have shaped automotive history.

RM Sotheby's, the world's largest auction house for investment-quality automobiles with over 35 years' experience, comes with its fifth annual sale, held traditionally during Rétromobile show week, to the French capital. RM Sotheby’s Paris sales event takes place on 7th February.

RM Sotheby's kicked off its 2018 calendar in Arizona, where the house achieved $36.5 million sales.

Within the stunning grounds of Place Vauban the auction house will offer the finest cars from both pre- and post-war periods.
And melody of the running engines will definitely make music lovers' hearts beat faster this year as the selection includes some iconic vehicles.
RM Sotheby's in Paris is packed full with some of the most coveted cars, but here are our top 3 picks for music fans.   

Estimate €2,500,000–3,000,000

Johnny Hallyday, who was known as the "Elvis Presley of France", sold more than 100 million record sales in his 50-year career and appeared in more than 30 films. The man probably wasn't an international megastar, but he gained a legend status in his country. Hallyday stays forever in the hearts of his compatriots as a man who taught them to love rock'n'roll.
He even sacrificed his name for this purpose.  Jean-Philippe Smet wasn't "a very rock 'n' roll name" as he said himself. So he changed it to Johnny Hallyday after an American relative, Lee Halliday, who became a father figure for the singer when his own father abandoned him, and who first introduced him to rock.

The musician passed away in December 2017 and the possibility to connect with his heritage could relieve suffering of all Francophones. Hallyday briefly owned the car in the 60s, but it featured in one of the most famous photoshoots.  Hallyday is pictured in and around the car, with Parisian temporary registration 7381 WW 75, in Paris, France, in late 1964/early 1965.

The car was developed by legendary Italian engineer and test driver Giotto Bizzarrini. This man stood behind some of the greatest Italian cars. Bizzarrini was chief engineer at Ferrari in the 1950s, and developed some of the most important cars in Ferrari’s history, including the 250 TR, 250 GT SWB (short-wheelbase), and the legendary 1962 250 GTO. 

After splitting from the company, provoked by a reorganization of the engineering staff,  he founded Società Autostar, an engineering firm through which he would bid for freelance engineering projects. One of them was a collaboration with Iso Autoveicoli S.p.A.

Many years later Bizzarrini explained his philosophy in developing the Iso Grifo A3/C to author Winston Goodfellow: “I started with the idea of Ferrari’s 250 GTO, and wanted to improve on it”.

The body of the A3/C was handcrafted from Duralumin, an alloy of aluminium, copper, and magnesium. Due to its light weight and consequent high strength Duralumin was very popular in aircraft construction, especially during the World War I. However elastic nature of the exclusive material made it difficult to weld. Over 7,000 rivets were used to attach vehicle's body to its space frame. As the result, the car weighed only 969 kg.

Of the eighth of ten such examples built in 1964, only a few did survive and come to the market. Actually, the car still looks resplendent today in its original color combination of red over a black leather interior.

After Hallyday’s ownership, the Iso spent 24 years inside the Prince Pierre Sangusko’s castle. During these years the car was refinished in white, with a central blue stripe.  When he died, Daniel Marin, President of Ferrari France Pozzi, who was a very close friend of Pierre Sangusko, sold the Iso to Michel Hommell on 13 April 1992. He got the car re-sprayed in original ‘Ferrari Red’ and displayed the car in his museum, Manoire de l’Automobile in Loéhac, Brittany, France. No wonder, that in 2009 the car displayed only 25,484 km.

€60.000 - €85.000
Offered without reserve

Upcoming event will be really a consolation for the Hallyday's fanbase. There's another vehicle formerly owned by Johnny Hallyday to be auctioned on 7th February.

Hallyday was a famous bike lover, having featured references to the iconic Harley-Davidson designs in his songs Possible en Moto, and Pour Que Ma Harley Repose En Paix (May My Harley-Davidson Rest in Peace).

His funeral procession down the famous Champs-Elysées Avenue in Paris was accompanied by 700 bikers. But the most eye-catching of all iron horses was a Harley-Davidson Softail Springer 89 in brilliant blue, which belonged to the singer himself. This impressive bike already has a new owner. Jean-François Gobertier, the wealthy head of an Haute-Savoie-based business, bought it alongside with the Hallyday’s blue Cadillac car, last February, for €550,000 in total.

Everyone, who missed a chance last year, is now given a proof, that opportunity, actually, doesn't only knock once.

On the offered at RM Sothbey's Harley Davidson Hallyday frequently took long trips through California.  He moved his family to Los Angeles in 2010 where he lived down the road from Tom Hanks and Ben Affleck in Pacific Palisades. 

3) LOT 143: 1977 BMW 633 CSi "ABBA"
€25.000 - €35.000
Offered without reserve 

A silver BMW was ordered by band's record company in 1977. In the late 70s, ABBA was at its peak so a discrete sports coupé was used as a "cover car" during their tour in Europe.

BMW was available to Björn Ulvaeus or Benny Andersson when needed to provide more anonymity for their travels. One of the best coupes of the 70s provided enough space for four people and was still able to take plenty of luggage. Thanks to the grown exterior, the passengers could be offered additional space. The driver received a modern cockpit, and for the luggage stood 413 liters of storage volume available.

On October 15, 1975, the first two vehicles of the E24 series, a 630 CS and a 633 CSi, rolled off the production line. The official presentation, however, took place at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1976. The test drivers were enthusiastic about the driving dynamics and car's ability to allow very high cornering speeds with largely neutral handling.

Following ABBA's ownership car went abroad and was reimported back to Sweden in 2008.

The car is practically in original condition including the rare TRX alloy wheels. Under the hood of the 633 there is a six-cylinder in-line engine with 200 hp. The car has a 4-speed manual transmission. The vehicle documents bear the signatures of Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, which can be an additional attraction for every ABBA fan.  

Auctioned BMW is a rare example of iconic Series One coupé. The car displays just above 200.000 km.

Back in the 70s, one had to scratch ca. 43.100 DM together to own this car. At the auction, the car will be offered without reserve. Take a chance!