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Vista Jets welcome pets onboard via their VistaPet program

Dal Kikin
April 8, 2019

VistaJet - the global business aviation company announced the launch of VistaPet. This new service from the private-aviation company created to ensure all passengers feel welcome – even if they are dog or cat or hamster or iguana. One in four VistaJet Members flies regularly with their loyal companions, and around 30 million people travel with their pets each year. There was a 47% increase in the number of dogs flying onboard VistaJet in 2018 against the previous year.

In details, pets will undertake a four-week course of fear-of-flying therapy  — with the exception of Underdog, if canines have a natural aversion to flying. The service also includes a bag full of pet treats that you can give them during the flight. This course is made in partnership with The Dog House, to help with the onboard experiences including the smell of fuel, jet engine sounds, turbulence and cabin air pressure. Also, VistaJet’s customer service team advises passengers on the regulations that apply to their flights and destinations when travelling with pets, including details for vaccinations, microchips, certificates, and permits.

While flying regulations require that animals are kept on a leash or in a travel cage for take-off and landing, during flight pets can relax by their owner’s side on a handmade Labbvenn sleep mat. Each pet-owner is provided with the bag of treats, called the VistaPet Pochette, to take care of pets during and after a flight. It contains organic pet food, reward treats created by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux, water-free shampoo, fur-care wipes, and rope toys. Cabin Hostesses can even offer natural flower essences to mix with pets’ drinking water to aid relaxation during the flight – that all make the flight with Vista Jet and your pet unforgettable and comfortable.

For extremely pet-lovers VistaJet goes ahead and offer to customers collection of services and pet-friendly facilities and partners all around the globe – whether Members require a pet hotel in London, the best pet salon in New York or a photography session to capture moments with pets around the world, VistaJet is there to advise. The team can also assist in finding pet walkers and trainers, or suggest unforgettable experiences including pet yoga, rafting, and surfing.

In general it possible to say that keeping your pet happy on the flight is only part of the problem. There are still no standard rules for the international travel of pets and many people have found themselves falling foul of legislation but airlines are also getting better at not killing, injuring or losing pets thought, and such services like Vista Pet program will help to our four-legged friends.

@Photos by Vista Jet