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Very Light Jet: Comparison between Citation Mustang and Phenom 100

Dal Kikin
December 11, 2018

Cessna Citation Mustang

The Very Light Jet category aircrafts, the Citation Mustang and the Phenom 100 are very popular jets. These planes have a range of 2 hours and are designed for short trips.


The Cessna Model 510 Citation Mustang  business jet belongs to the VLJ class (VeryLightJet is an ultra-light jet aircraft) and the standard version can transport six people. Like many other machines of this class, CitationMustang is able to fly with just one pilot.

Cessna Citation Mustang

The Cessna Mustang is similar in size to the CJ1, but does not inherit the basic design of the Citation fuselage and the Mustang cabin volume is slightly smaller than that of the CJ1. The diameter of the fuselage has been reduced, so the ergonomics cabin has not a perfectly circular cross-section, but an extended area in the legs and shoulders of the passengers. In the cabin, which has been finished on a qualitative level much more than in the Citation jets, which have been produced in recent years, there are 4 passenger seats opposite each other, tables can be arranged in the space between them. The cabins have oval-shaped windows and are located at the level of the passengers' eyes. Cabin length 2.97m. (Except cab), width 1.40m. and height 1.37m. Luggage compartment, which is not available to passengers during the flight, has a volume of 1.8 cubic meters.

Unlike many other VLJ planes, the CitationMustang cockpit lacks upper control panels - all switches and toggle switches focus on the center console and instrument panel. The latter also contains thrusters, flap control levers, a trimmer wheel, a flight control system keyboard, and aileron and rudder toggle switches.

Cessna Citation Mustang

The aircraft is equipped with a GarminG1000 avionics kit with the highest degree of integration, not only complements the main systems, but also controls them directly. Combines all navigation, initial flight information, motors and data from many sensors, Garmin with three multifunctional easily readable displays greatly reduces workload, minimizing various kinds of switching and provides the ultimate degree of understanding of the situation.

In the center of the instrument panel is placed 38cm multifunctional display. Because of this, each crew member has his own display, which is reached by flight information.

The Citation Mustang is equipped with two TRDPratt & WhitneyCanadaPW615F in gondolas on the sides of the fuselage tail. All wheels of the chassis, which is removed, are equipped with brakes with a counter-union system. There is a CitationMustang option with a toilet block between the passenger compartment and the cockpit.

Embraer Phenom 100

Slightly faster than the Citation Mustang, the autonomy of the Phenom 100 is close to that of its competitor. The cabin of the Phenom 100 is more spacious, offering four reclining seats, separate toilets and a larger cargo compartment than the Mustang. On the price side, it takes about 20 or 30% more than the price of a Mustang.

The business jet EMB 500 Phenom 100 was created by the Brazilian company Embraer and first flew into the sky in 2007.

The estimated maximum flight range at the beginning of the Phenom100 design was 2148 km, with certification tests, the flight distance of 2182 km was reached with fuel reserves for NBAAIFR and 4 passengers. To take off with the highest take-off weight, the aircraft needs a 953m long strip, and the value of 1037m appears in the calculations. Rate of climb at elevated ambient temperatures exceeded the calculated values. According to the results of certification tests, the landing distance was 823 m, which is 92 m less than the calculated value.

Embraer Phenom 100

Equipped with two PW617FE engines, the Phenom100 also surpassed the estimated fuel efficiency, even by 3.6 percent on long routes. Air speed was also higher than estimated. The plane is unrestricted certified, it can fly night and day, when icing. Phenom100 noise level meets the requirements of Chapter IV of the ICAO.

The aircraft installed a fully integrated set of Garmin1000 - "Prodigy" electronic equipment onboard, which offers more advantages than all other sets of electronic equipment onboard in the current market. There are three interchangeable 12-inch displays in the cockpit - two PFD (Primary Flight Display) and one MFD (Multi-Function). The system combined all the navigation, primary flight, landscape, communication, weather, traffic, data of the crew’s emergency warning systems. Huge flight displays with an anti-glare matte surface not only displays the flight information in the most optimal way, but also facilitate the work of the pilot.

Embraer Phenom 100

The aircraft is calculated on four (or six) passengers. It has a fairly high level of comfort. The interior is made in collaboration with engineers from BMWDesignworksUSA.

Note that the international design team has set itself a number of rather difficult tasks: design innovative solutions need to be brought into line with production processes, Embraer strict safety standards and expectations of the best combination of quality and price.