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There are several airports in the world that considered dangerous. It cannot be said that they are...
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Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world

Dal Kikin
April 24, 2019

There are several airports in the world that considered dangerous.

It cannot be said that they are unsuitable for flights, but these airports can make the traveler feel very unpleasant moments during takeoff and landing.

1. Saba Island
Juancho-Iraquskin Airport 

The runway at this airport is the shortest in the world - 396.5 m. Immediately after the runway begins a steep slope, followed by the ocean. Boarding at the airport is allowed only for DHC-6, BN-2 planes, but even their pilots need to have remarkable skills in order to safely land the aircraft here. Landing at the airport, pilots have to cope with strong winds and sea spray.

2. Norway
Svalbard Airport

The airport at the foot of Mount Platoberg is the northernmost civilian airport in the world. The air harbor has only one runway without steering tracks. The main danger here is frequent bad weather and sudden gusts of wind.

3. Saint Maarten Island
Princess Juliana Airport

The runway at the airport starts right behind the Maho beach, so the approach to landing takes place just 10–20 meters above the heads of the guests. From the point of view of aviation, depending on weather conditions, take-off and landing here have considered to be of a medium and high degree of complexity. 

4. Courchevel, France
Courchevel Airport

Courchevel is famous not only for its ski resorts but also for its very short runway. Its length is only 525 meters, and the angle of inclination is 18.5%. In addition, the ILS system is not installed on the strip, which limits the operation of the airport in fog. By the way, the scenes of the eighteenth movie of the Bond series “Tomorrow Will Never Die Never” was filmed here.

5. Antarctic 
Ice runway

Strictly speaking, this is not even an airport, but a separate runway. The coating is ice and snow, which prepare for each season, and it lasts until the snow melts. Planes are landing on the runway carrying cargo and researchers to the nearest station called McMurdo. The place is quite safe and secure, but only until such time as everything starts to melt. In such circumstances, the plane can simply get bogged down in the snow or worse - break through the ice.

6. Osaka, Japan
Kansai Airport

With the exception of a powerful drawdown that exceeded all calculated values, Kansai Airport is an example of excellence in engineering. Since the free land in Japan is in short supply, it decided to build it on two artificial islands poured near Osaka. The air harbor located near the seismic hazard zone and the area of typhoon formation. The airport periodically shakes, and in 1998 a typhoon passed over the airport, but, the building was able to withstand due to its construction.

7. Lukla, Nepal
Airport named Tenzing and Hillary

Many climbers who decided to conquer Everest, begin their journey to the top of the world from the city of Lukla. The local airport named Tenzing and Hillary has created for adventure seekers to check the seriousness of their intentions. The air harbor located at an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level. The runway is surrounded by peaks and ends with a precipice. The already difficult setting of take-off and landing make it difficult to accumulate clouds.

8. Paro, Bhutan
Paro Airport

One of two airports in the Kingdom of Bhutan and the only one with asphalt coating runway. Located 6 km from the city of Paro at an altitude of more than 2 thousand meters in the narrow valley of the Paro River, the airport is surrounded by five-thousand-meter peaks, therefore, it is considered one of the most complex on the planet.

9. Saint Barthélemy Island
Airport "Gustav III"

His runway was built perpendicular to the coast, so the pilots who come in for a landing, involuntarily create the feeling of falling into the sea. The runway is located under a slight slope and has a length of only 650 m, which further complicates the situation.

10. Madeira, Portugal
Funchal Airport

This port is sandwiched between the mountains and the ocean. As a result, the pilot must first send the car to the mountains, and then sharply turn. The runway itself resembles a bridge. It was built on 180 reinforced concrete pillars in 2000, some of which rise above sea level by 50 m.