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The New Four Seasons Private Jet launches in 2021

Dal Kikin
April 29, 2019

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, a leader in the hospitality industry, shared his plans to launch the brand new Four Seasons Private Jet in early 2021. The new jet will combine sophisticated design and modern technology that will turn any journey into a carefree adventure.

The new plane is a narrow body Airbus A321LR aircraft, which hails from the new Airbus NEO family. It’ll be reimagined and reconfigured by Four Seasons to seat 48 passengers, each in a lay-flat first class seat. The previous model, a reconfigured Boeing 757-200ER leased by luxury tour operator TCS World Travel from TAG Aviation, fits 52 passengers in lie-flat seats. According to Bloomberg, the Airbus was selected for its greater ability for customization and its longer range of flights, affording more direct routes. The interior appears to be more subdued and inspired by earth tones than the outgoing, bright colourful themes of the Boeing jet. 

Booking for 2021 will open in the middle of this year and vary based on itinerary, which will be announced later this year; pricing on the current jet starts at $147,000 per person.

The new A321LR private jet, which is part of the Airbus NEO collection, will be fully customized to suit the individual and exclusive Four Seasons design, designed to reflect the ever-evolving concept of the industry's first Four Seasons Private Jet. The guests of the new jet are waiting for even more space, as well as improved and already luxurious amenities of the board.

 “Four Seasons Private Jet is the definition of luxurious travels in the air, creating unique stories and memories associated with places and people during a relaxed and most comfortable journey,” commented Christian Clerc, president of operational and operational issues at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. “Based on the success of the Four Seasons Private Jet, which sold out tickets in minutes, we intend not to stop there and continue to expand the boundaries, providing an opportunity to plunge into the world of Four Seasons in a completely new travel format.”

The new private airliner will offer passengers the widest and highest individual cabins available on board the aircraft of this class. There will also be added a separate space for the lounge bar, where passengers can enjoy socializing and master classes from leading chefs, mixologists, as well as experts in art and healthy lifestyles, which will make the flight particularly exciting.

Four Seasons Private Jet brand chef will surprise passengers with an exquisite menu, inspired by the route and the cities in which the private jet will stop. The whole team consisting of attendants, a concierge, a director for work with guests, a medic and a professional crew will help to please the passengers - they will turn the flight into unique and unforgettable moments.

The design of each of the 48 seats was developed by Optimares - leather chairs from the Italian manufacturer Poltrona Frau and more spacious seats with ottomans await passengers, a personal iPad tucked in each seat will provide in-flight entertainment, too. The plane will boast larger bathrooms that’ll be comparable to residential ones.

“While working on the design of the new Four Seasons Private Jet, we were inspired by the culture and concept of air travel in the old days, when every flight was special,” comments Dana Kalczak, vice president of design for the Four Seasons network. "We placed particular emphasis on functionality and comfort, which will stimulate communication between passengers aboard, strengthening communication with people who share one adventure."