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The cost of the most expensive business jet in the world is mentioned

Dal Kikin
February 7, 2019

The creation of a supersonic aircraft company will Aerion, advice and technical assistance will provide the aircraft manufacturing concern Boeing.

The American aircraft manufacturer Aerion announced the first data on the cost of a new generation of business jets. For civilian aircraft of a new generation, in the cabin of which up to 12 people can comfortably accommodate, American aircraft manufacturers will ask $ 120 million from each client.

An impressive amount of customer will take for manufacturability - the cruising speed of the aircraft will be 1.4, which, according to the developers, will reduce the duration of transatlantic flights by three hours.

Aerion has no plans for mass production, like other wide-body aircraft. Also, American industrialists can not boast of outstanding performance - at a stated flight speed, a business jet can travel only 7,800 kilometers, while its main competitors, the Global 7000 and Global 7000 aircraft from Bombardier, are 13520 and 14631 kilometers respectively. At the same time, both aircrafts cost about $ 60 million.