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Textron to stop production of the Citation X+

BEAM Staff
June 28, 2018

Textron Aviation, the parent company behind Cessna, has confirmed it will stop producing Citation X+ aircrafts, putting an end to a 22-year run. The model is being retired ahead of the upcoming deliveries of the first Citation Longitudes, also part of the super mid-size sector.

The Citation X platform has a storied heritage within the Citation brand and has become a beloved aircraft by operators and passengers alike as the fastest civilian aircraft in the world." Textron commented. "With the upcoming entry into service of the Citation Longitude, we are taking the opportunity to minimize overlap within this customer segment and discontinuing production of the Citation X+."

First announced at the 1990 NBAA convention, the original Citation X was then the fastest and longest range Citation that Cessna had designed up to that point. Its engines were built by Rolls-Royce, a first for the brand, which coupled with aerodynamics, increased its top speed to 700 mph.

Photo iStock / Hugh Mitton

The first Citation X was delivered in 1996 to pro golfer, Arnold Palmer, before ultimately upgrading to the Citation X+ when it was announced in 2002, which had a fuel consumption reduced by 1.4%. In total, 342 aircrafts in the X series were delivered by Cessna, but only 8 in the past year.

Lead photo iStock / santirf