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Textron Aviation celebrates rollout of the 200th Citation Latitude

Dal Kikin
April 17, 2019

Textron Aviation in a solemn atmosphere rolled out of the final assembly shop in the American Wichita jubilee 200th business jet Citation Latitude. Since commissioning in 2015, the total fleet flew 150,000 hours.

Citation Latitude has become another new development of Cessna, in which the company used a “crisis management” approach to design. That is, some of the proven technologies and components were used, to which new features were added. Latitude got some wing assemblies, aft section and PW306D engines from the 12-seater Citation Sovereign +. In this case, the fuselage is stretched, and the cabin is currently the widest among the Cessna aircraft and the entire length, and it exceeds 21 feet, the passenger can get up to full height.

The new Cessna Jet combines a payload, speed, and range that meets the requirements of customers with the unique capabilities of the cabin. And this is despite the fact that its price is $ 16.25 million as reported. The plane has a crew of two and accommodates nine passengers. The maximum flight altitude is 45,000 feet (13716 m), and the maximum cruising speed is 440 knots (815 km / h). Climbing to 43,000 feet (13106 m) takes only 23 minutes.

NetJets is among the Latitude’s largest customers, with firm orders and options for up to 200 of the type. As of 2018, Textron Aviation has delivered 80 Latitudes to NetJets, according to the airframer. Textron Aviation has a Citation Latitude on static display at this week at ABACE 2019 till April 18.