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Sportjet by Sukhoi: business jet for professional athletes

Dal Kikin
April 4, 2019

Professional athletes often fly to the place of competition by regular flights, sometimes in economy class, and connecting flights. It can be assumed that the constant inconvenience is not the best effect on sports results, and it is obvious that to fly in more comfortable conditions, especially over long distances, is preferable.

The Russian aviation concern Sukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC presented the concept of an aircraft intended for the transport of professional sports teams - the Sportjet by Sukhoi. Previously it was assumed that the aircraft was scheduled for release and certification in 2018, but this did not happen.

Sportjet by Sukhoi will be the third product in the lineup, along with the concepts of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Sukhoi Business Jet, expanding markets and product promotion opportunities. According to experts, the air travel market in the field of sports currently exceeds $ 600 million per year.

The concept is based on the experience and technology of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and is complemented by innovative medical and IT solutions developed in collaboration with sports doctors, experts and managers. It provides the advantages of home field in the air, allowing athletes to rest and recover while on board.

“The features of the new aircraft are predominantly used in layout solutions and installed equipment. Something similar can be mounted on board another type of aircraft, but this aircraft turned out to be very attractive in terms of volume versus space — it is large because the diameter of the fuselage is large — range and cost The “special” zones on board the aircraft are certainly present - it is not for nothing that the SportJet is called, ”said executive officer Oleg Panteleev.

Sportjet by Sukhoi is based on scientific and practical research in the field of sports, such as the impact of flights, jet lag, hypoxia, dehydration, stress and aerophobia on the body of professional athletes involved in various sports.

Among potential customers of Sportjet by Sukhoi are national sports federations, professional sports clubs, individuals and companies. Sportjet by Sukhoi will provide customized aircraft versions for professional teams in sports such as football, hockey, basketball and rugby, as well as a solution for business aviation customers who emphasize their connection to sports and pay particular attention to health issues. The aircraft can be easily individualized depending on the needs of the client.

The Sportjet by Sukhoi salon will be divided into four functional areas: the flight zone of the main staff, the recovery zone, the coaching staff area and the administrative staff area.

In the zone of flight of the main staff, passenger SMART-chairs will become one of the important know-hows, which will allow not only to rest comfortably, including almost completely in a horizontal position, but also to constantly monitor the state of the body. Thanks to the integrated biomedical gadgets, without leaving the chair, it will be possible to monitor dehydration, hypoxia, stress, pulse and other indicators, taking timely measures to correct them.

An addition to the seats of the athletes will be an airbag - the world's first diagnostic device, worn during the flight. The bracelet will allow to monitor the functional state of the athlete with the permanent determination of the individual aeroadaptation index. SMART seats and aero bracelet are equipped with the function of wireless data transmission to the central monitor of the scientific specialist of the tracking group and mobile devices of the athletes.

The recovery zone is intended to be a sports and medical center on board. Inside the AeroScan diagnostic capsule there will be a comprehensive diagnosis of the main physiological parameters of the athlete’s body, as well as the opportunity to train and warm up during the flight. Here you will also find a unique system for physiotherapeutic procedures, with the help of which cryotherapy, myostimulation, press and lymphatic drainage, and massage procedures can be performed. It can also be used to transport injured athletes.

The aircraft will be equipped with other devices and technologies that will make flights more comfortable and allow you to spend time on board with benefit. Among them are devices that determine the level of hydration of the body, adaptive lighting, reducing the effect of jetlag, Be Ready To Win multimedia system with motivational programs, video analysis of matches and theoretical training of teams.