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SkyFan is the next generation business jet

Dal Kikin
April 5, 2019

The business jet design has been stagnating almost in one place for decades—a simple tube, wings, and two engines on either side. Of course, they range in size, range, speed, and comfort, and customization but in the end, there has been nothing new in general — just evolution. 

Welcome the SkyFan - a revolutionary mid-sized business jet. At Revolution. Aero Euro 2019, an event is where people are rethinking and revolutionizing business and personal aviation Ryan S. Wood, Founder, and CEO of Frontline Aerospace, has been invited to present the SkyFan and how is going to solve the long-standing challenges of business jets — range and productivity improvements, fuel efficiency, noise reduction, and landing zone flexibility. 

One of the unique SkyFan’s aspects is diamond-box-wing configuration with ducted counter-rotating pusher fan and mature turboshaft engines. With the engines in the fuselage and the fan blades in a duct, noise is dramatically reduced compared to any comparable aircraft. 

What really makes this clean-sheet design unique is the intercontinental range (4,100 nm at full eight passenger payload, M 0.78 at FL 400) or 5,200 nm at four passengers; a thrust to weight ratio of nearly 1 to 1 at takeoff enabled by the centerline ducted fan with a 50 to 1 bypass ratio and fuel costs of a turboprop, about $1 per nautical mile.”              Said Ryan Wood, CEO of Frontline Aerospace.

Frontline Aerospace’s SkyFan designed for eight passengers and will radically improve the overall aircraft efficiency with a mindful eye toward established passenger comfort. With a standup cabin, it is equipped with full cabin length panoramic windows—PanDow. The view is a very impressive innovation for the passenger’s perspective as well. These 8K displays at 275 dots per inch deliver outstanding views of the outside. 

“Understandably, the history of aviation is littered with innovations and great aircraft designs that never made it to certification and commercialization. We recognize this are prudently taking small steps forward in validating the design with full-scale propulsion testing, then building a single aircraft for demonstration. I welcome interested parties that may want to participate to contact me directly.” Said Mr. Wood.

@Photos by Frontline Aerospace