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Russian billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky sells business jet Challenger 604

Dal Kikin
November 21, 2018

The Russian billionaire and the main shareholder of the Pipe Metallurgical Co. and the Sinara Group Dmitry Pumpyansky (62nd in the Forbes rating) put up for sale his business jet Challenger 604.

The cost of the aircraft offered for sale is $ 5.4 million. Pumpyansky himself paid much more for the aircraft. The business jet was released in 2006 and then cost $ 25-27 million

Today, Bombardier no longer produces the Challenger 604 aircraft. They were replaced by the Challenger 650, which can cost up to $ 30 million.

According to the latest information, the aircraft of Mr. Pumpyansky, which can accommodate up to 12 passengers, spent 5380 hours in the air for the entire period of operation and made 2398 landings.

The Challenger 600 family of aircraft is one of the most popular in the middle class. At the same time, against the background of his Russian colleagues on the Forbes list, Pumpyansky’s choice is modest. This year, Russian billionaires Viktor Rashnikov, Sergei Galitsky, and the family of Igor Shuvalov became the owners of Gulfstream 650, which can cost up to $ 70 million.