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Qatar gifts Royal Boeing Business Jet to Turkey

BEAM Staff
September 18, 2018

Qatar has gifted one of its largest private jets to Turkey. Worth an estimated $500 million, the business jet had previously been listed for sale by Qatar. Turkey was reportedly looking at buying the aircraft, however when Qatar's ruler found out he donated it to Turkey's President for free according to Bloomberg.

"The plane they mention is now being painted." Erdogan told Bloomberg reporters in a flight from Azerbaijan to Turkey last week. "God willing, we can have a trip with it when all is over."

Despite being a sizeable donation to Turkey from Qatar, it is part of a larger plan to support the country, which has shown support to Qatar during tense relations with its Middle Eastern neighbours. Qatar previously said it would invest over $15 billion in Turkey.

Having flown only 403 hours, the airliner is in near mint condition and fully customised in a Middle Eastern style. Although no official price estimate was ever published, it is known that Boeing charges $402.9 million for this type of aircraft, tens of millions would then need to be added to the price to turn it into the 445 square meter flying palace that it is.

The aircraft is one of two Boeing 747-8 private jets owned by the Royal Family of Qatar. Divided into several lounge areas, a downstairs and upstairs layout, the BBJ features a large bedroom suite as well as a dinning room that can sit 14.

Decorated with golden features, reminiscent of Middle Eastern Royalty, the BBJ is deeply customised to fit the needs of its owners. This 747-8 has the capacity to carry up to 76 VIP passengers and 18 air staff, compared to the 467 passengers it carries under a commercial set up. Facilities on board also include a medical area and large bathrooms.

From a layout standpoint, the 747-8i stretches over an area of over 450 square meters inside. On top of a master bedroom, dinning table and private office, the aircraft features 3 kitchen areas and 8 bathrooms on top of a medical area. From an operational standpoint, filling the plane's fuel tank would cost $280,000 per tank for a maximum range of 14,780km.

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