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Premium-budget union: Qatar Airways and VietJet to fly together

Anastasia Dagaeva
November 7, 2017
Qatar Airways, one of the most awarded premium airlines, signed the interline partnership with Vietnamese low-cost carrier VietJet Air. 

The partnership is a two phases process. First, Qatar Airways’ passengers will use VietJet’s Vietnam and Taiwan routes. Then, during the next phase VietJet’s customers will be able to fly to more than 150 airports around the world onboard Qatar Airways’ jet. A single reservation system serving both Qatar Airways and VietJet Air to be set. 

Both airlines are servicing markets that never connect with each other, so the partnership can be fruitful letting each part to solve its problem. The young and growing VietJet’s plans to conquer the airspace are confronted by the lack of a powerful partner. On the other side the world’s leading Qatar Airways is struggling with political issues. Last June, neighboring countries imposed a blockade on Qatar, so the state carrier is looking for ways to prove its power and performance. 

The Vietnamese low-cost airline launched operations at the end of 2011 and is now Vietnam’s largest domestic airline. In 2016 VietJet had 42% of the Vietnamese domestic market and 27% of the total market. The airline has been profitable since 2013.  

It’s international expansion was accelerated in 2016 focused almost entirely on the international market in 2017. The strongest stake in VietJet’s international business are Korean and Taiwanese destinations. The airline recently became the largest airline presence to serve Vietnam-Taiwan markets and is expected to become the largest foreign low-cost airline in South Korea. 

VietJet’s co-owner can be found on the Global Forbes List with a net worth of almost $2 billion.

Qatar Airways was established 20 year ago. The carrier is one of the world’s 30 major airlines by the number of passengers flown — 32 billion in 2016. The airline’s highest quality standards reserve its place among the first three leaders of the industry. According to Skytrax rating, Qatar Airways is the world’s best airline of 2017. 

It’s all became dark and gloomy in June 2017 when Qatar’s powerful Gulf neighbors broke off diplomatic relations with the small emirate followed by the airspace closure for Qatar Airways jets. The blockade is still in place while Qatar Airways flies over Iran and keeps proving its a number one airline.