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Most Expensive Global Express Jet Available for Charter

Dal Kikin
October 15, 2018

Most Expensive Global Express Jet was delivered to Jet Edge 
headquarter in Van Nuis, California and will soon be available for charter. Bombardier Global Express is a large cabin, 6,000 nmi / 11,100 km range business jet, produced by the Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace has been completely redesigned inside, making it the most expensive Global Express in the world.

As soon as you come aboard the aircraft, you get into a beautiful galley room in black and mother-of-pearl colors. The jet plane consists of three sections: a galley and a recreation area for the crew, a main hall and aft part, which can serve as a private lounge or turn into a king-size bed. 

The interior design was developed by West Star Aviation in simple black and white hue with an abundance of chrome, the brilliant accents of which suggest an art deco style. The custom-made seats of the highest quality white leather and black velvet backrest are wide and comfortable. We should also mention the lighting in the cabin: the lighting system of your mood allows you to light up three different zones of a private plane at a certain time of day. According to Jet Edge, the mood lighting system, which is now available on select Bombardier models, is the first of its kind to upgrade to Global Express. 

In addition to the televisions, sound system and cockpit entertainment system, the aircraft is also equipped with some of the fastest onboard Wi-Fi. For domestic wireless Internet, the plane uses the GoGo ground system, but for international travel it uses the Honeywell JetWave internet satellite, which can provide true broadband access speed (up to 33 Mbps) to allow multiple users to stream movies, music, etc.

For Jet Edge, the delivery of this plane is a significant milestone, representing the most ambitious display of their capabilities. This plane represents the level of clientele we attract here and how we do everything from cradle to grave,” says Jet Edge CEO Bill Papariella, “We sourced the plane, we sold the plane, we helped negotiate the refurb on the plane, we brought it and delivered it, and now we’re going to operate it.”

The Global Express Jet is available for charter at a rate of $ 8,000 per hour.