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Look inside the Mercedes-Benz private jet interior concept

Dal Kikin
February 1, 2019

Mercedes-Benz presented the design of a VIP aircraft cabin, which, by its sophistication and innovation, will satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding passengers. A new concept has been developed in collaboration with Lufthansa Technik and is planned for introduction into production and operation of short and long VIP and VVIP classes in production.

The floor, walls and ceiling flow into each other, and the furniture merges with the interior of the cabin. Spectacular interior architecture demonstrates creativity and modernity. Sensual surfaces and crisp shapes combined with intelligent high-tech features and the perfect form of modern luxury are characteristic features of Mercedes-Benz design. The windows of the aircraft are framed with black panels, which when flying at night creates a deep effect.

On the renders it is clear that the authors abandoned the traditional design of the booths in favor of comfort and good materials. The salon is more like a hotel room - comfortable armchairs, a sofa, soft light, a coffee table, an aquarium.

The prototype was equipped with glass, made on the company's technology Magic Sky, used in the panoramic roofs of cars. In the future, these panels are planning to "implant" touch panels.

Another of the main design elements is clear, rounded lines of transition of different parts into each other, a tree of warm colors in combination with pure white and black accents. The portholes are hidden behind the panels, the degree of transparency of which can be set using the control panel.

Walter Heerdt, Senior Consultant on VIP and Executive Planes at Lufthansa Technik, gave the following comment: “Our goal is to offer our customers the highest category worldwide a new impeccable standard for interior design. We have created the concept of a modular configuration that fits the cabin of any aircraft. ”

It remains to hope that all factors will coincide in an ideal way, and one of our following materials will already be a report from the real prototype.