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Look inside Putin’s £390million business jet: a trip to the Russian Air Force Number One for a seriously ill teenager

Dal Kikin
December 27, 2018

The Russian teenager Arslan Kaipkulov had a cherished desire to make a video about “Board No. 1”. He had been interested in airplanes since childhood and wanted to look at Vladimir Putin’s personal air transport from the inside. In addition, Arslan dreamed a dream to make a video about an unforgettable journey. The volunteer project helped him to do the impossible, where he told about his desire.

Arslan Kaipkulov: "This is the most secret aircraft of the country, it is a great honor to get on the plane."

The boy admitted that he was impressed by the comfort of the aircraft. But most of all he was impressed by the cockpit, where he managed to sit in the seat of the commander of the aircraft. Arslan also visited the conference room - the cabin accompanying persons. The young man said that he was even allowed to go to the most secret places on the plane, but they were not allowed to shoot video there.

The “flying office” of the head of state must be comfortable, because all conditions must be created for the convenience of work, the rest of the country's first person, the reception of high-ranking guests.

The luxurious interiors of the Flying Kremlin are made in light colors with walnut veneer wooden coatings.

The luxurious en-suite bedroom is fit for a Tsar

There is a mini-gym, VIP lounges, a dining room, a bar and showers. For security reasons, it is equipped with all necessary medical unit for the provision of emergency medical care.

A bathroom on board the plane - with a gold-plated toilet seat

Jewelers from Zlatoust (Russia) worked on the interior trim. According to unconfirmed data, historical prints from the craftsmen of the Pavlovo-Posad garment factory adorn the walls. For planning, to precisely eliminate the "cardboard partitions", which was reported earlier, were responsible employees of Diamonite Aircraft Furnishings Ltd. The internal appearance of the IL-96-300 is made mainly in bright colors.

The plane of the President of Russia is made in a strict, classic style. This allows us to take high-ranking guests without embarrassment and create an appropriate image for Russia.

Russia is among those few countries that can afford to fully create an airplane for the president on their own thanks to the advanced aircraft industry. The developer of the liner is the airline Ilyushin. Model IL-96-300, which became the base for the board number 1, has a take-off weight of 250 tons, capable of speeds exceeding 900 kilometers per hour. The range of non-stop flight exceeds nine thousand kilometers - but this is an indicator of serial samples. How long Putin’s plane is able to survive without landing in the air is not known. Information is classified for security purposes.