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Look inside Floyd Mayweather's $ 60 million private jet

Dal Kikin
March 14, 2019

Floyd Mayweather, the famous unbeaten boxer, once again shows off his wealth on Instagram - and this time he publishes a series of photos showing his private jet, called the Air Mayweather.

As for the aircraft itself, this is the Gulfstream G650, which costs $ 60 million, and the flight range is Mach 0.85 or 650 mph (1,050 kilometers per hour).

The cabin of the Gulfstream G650ER is a stunning combination of form and functionality. Flexible interior design and customization options provide owners with control over their own space, be it the need for an individual coupe, a large meeting area or personal work spac

The G650ER is distinguished by wide armchairs and spacious aisles, and this feeling of spaciousness is complemented by 16 panoramic Gulfstream windows - larger than any other business jet. They fill the salon and the buffet-kitchen with sunlight.


Every two minutes, the interior of the G650ER is filled with absolutely fresh air. And the lowest barometric height in the cabin of the G650ER, comparable only to that of its sister Gulfstream G650, allows the heart and lungs of passengers to saturate the blood with oxygen without effort, reducing fatigue and making them longer and more rested after a long journey. With a flight altitude of 45,000 feet / 13,716 m, the G650ER cabin maintains a barometric altitude of 4,060 feet / 1237 m. This is almost half that of commercial airlines, and significantly better than any other large-sized aircraft.


Mayweather received a new aircraft on his 41st birthday last year and flew around the world, including Hong Kong, Turks and Caicos Islands, Monte Carlo in Monaco, Dubai, Singapore, Bali and Bangkok, according to his stamps on Instagram.

He even reportedly flew to Iceland to take a photo on Instagram, and it looks like he did the same in Paris and Russia.

A mid-flight view of the board looks pretty amazing, especially with the 50-0 logo on the wing tip, indicating Mayweather's immaculate boxing record.