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Look closer to fastest single-turboprop planes: Daher TBM 940

Dal Kikin
April 15, 2019

Daher’s latest iteration of its TBM turboprop single—the Model 940—made its public debut last week at the Aero Friedrichshafen show in Germany. 

This ninth evolution of the TBM product line is characterized by an increased level of automation in the cockpit. Aligned with Daher’s TBM e-copilot strategy of introducing increased functionality for operational safety improvements, the TBM 940 features an automated throttle and automatic icing detection system – both of which are firsts for a production turboprop aircraft in the TBM’s weight category.

The TMB 940 is the successor to the current TBM 930 and is equipped as a key feature with automatic throttle control, among other things. This "automatic throttle" is linked to the automatic pilot and is the first of its kind to be found on aircraft with a take-off weight of fewer than 5.7 tonnes. When the system is on, it automatically corrects the speed based on the entered flight profile. Only the take-off and final approach must be performed manually by the pilot.

“Building on the TBM 940’s first public appearance at Aero Friedrichshafen only one month after its official announcement, we are now awaiting certification by EASA and the U.S. FAA to start initial deliveries,” said Daher airplane business unit senior v-p Nicolas Chabbert. “The aircraft’s new features represent a further evolution of our TBM e-copilot concept, providing assistance in single-pilot operations.”

The ice control system is also new. When sensors detect the onset of ice formation, the pilot is warned. If it takes no action, the system switches itself on and the hull, cockpit windows, propeller, and engine inlet are made ice-free. When everything is ice-free, the crew with a Crew Alerting System (CAS) "amber alert" is advised to switch off the system and switch to manual monitoring.

The cab is fitted with newly designed seats on the 940, improved sound insulation thanks to new side panels in the cabin and centrally located storage space. In addition, a 115 V outlet has been installed and more USB ports are available than before (six for the passengers and three for the pilots.

To date, Daher has delivered more than 267 TBM 900 variants since the introduction of this type variant in 2014. Last year, 29 TBM 910 and 21 TMB 930 variants left the factory.

@Photos by Daher