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Leonardo Helicopters AW139 Review

Dal Kikin
December 18, 2018

Leonardo Helicopters AW139 2-engine helicopter became the epitome of grace, beauty and speed. The predatory fuselage of the rotary-wing machine is equipped with everything necessary in order to move in space in an instant.

Aviation electronics onboard the helicopter are represented by meteorological radar, 4-axis digital automatic flight control system (DAFCS), monitoring system (HUMS), satellite telephony system SATCOM Iridium, aircraft collision warning system TCAS I, digital video recorder, upgraded approach warning system with ground (EGPWS), advanced vision system (EVS) and communication system.

The passenger cabin in the AW139 is separated from the cockpit by a glass bulkhead, as in chic limousines. In the cabin in the VIP-configuration can be placed from four to eight comfortable leather chairs in two compartments. Just as designers connect with car manufacturers, thanks to this collaboration, Leonardo Helicopters presents a new customized solution, released in a limited edition, and proudly offers creativity and refined style to Karl Lagerfeld for a growing customer base. For the first time, the fashion house will enter the sector of the exterior / interior design of a helicopter and will be glad to cooperate with Leonardo Helicopters in creating the most successful helicopter in its category worldwide.

A comfortable atmosphere is formed by an air-conditioning system, an active noise cancellation system, an air conditioner, a headset for active noise suppression, sound insulation, a multimedia complex with liquid crystal displays.

Comfortable to climb on board the helicopter will help two electric ladder from both sides of the aircraft, and personal belongings can be placed in the lockers. Sufficiently roomy luggage compartment is available both from the cab and from the outside.

The twin-engine helicopter is aggregated by gas turbine engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turbines and the most modern 5-blade main rotor and is capable of providing a maximum cruising flight speed of 309 km / h and flight range of 1,061 km.