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Dal Kikin
April 25, 2019

The unmanned aircraft 'Zuri' goes to the next stage of production development with the manufacture of a functional prototype, which will then be used to develop the latest concept of the aircraft using VTOL technology.

Czech entrepreneur Michal Illich, promoter of the 'startup' Zuri who leads a project to make unmanned civil transport a reality, has received an "important investment" from the travel platform that will allow him to continue developing his project. This has been announced by the travel platform, which ensures that this investment - whose quantity is unknown - will be used to develop the next phase of the unmanned civilian plane 'Zuri', a project "vital to offer travellers a transport of the future" they point from the travel platform.

This project consists of the development of an unmanned aircraft with a transport capacity of four people. The design combines the advantages of helicopters and aircraft, with electrically driven rotors that allow vertical takeoff and landing, which means that the aircraft does not need a landing strip, it is enough with heliports, which saves space. The wings combined with the turboprop engine have a positive impact on speed and range of flight in general. It is expected that in the future, Zuri will be able to travel up to 700 km in less than three hours.

Last year, the project received an investment from Pale Fire Capital to help develop passenger transport with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). "Thanks to this new investment, we will be able to continue forming the team and develop the great prototype of this unique aircraft," said Illich. The next phase of the project will consist in the development of the production of a functional prototype with a wingspan of approximately 11 meters and a weight of 900 kilograms, which will then be used to develop the latest concept of the aircraft using VTOL technology.

For his part, Oliver Dlouhý of has stated that: "The Zuri project represents a direction that I see as key in the future of transport and our investment is proof of that. This segment is practically nonexistent, although it is one of the main elements in both the first and the last stage of transport. Intertwined with the global transport network, it will provide completely new options for travel, adding thousands of smaller cities to the airports' catchment areas by extending them within a radius of up to 700 kilometers. Zuri's vision is very close to ours and we are excited to participate in its development. ".

Last year, introduced the concept of multimodal transport using air and land transport as a way to offer passengers many more options to reach their final destination. The company, which works with its patented algorithm, allows you to combine flights of more than 750 airlines (Virtual Interlining) and visit cities that cannot currently be reached with standard connecting flights.