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Jet Aviation serves long range demand with elegant Boeing Business Jet with VIP cabin interior

Dal Kikin
February 18, 2019

The Boeing BBJ1 has a range of up to 9,260 km and offers space for comfortable flights of up to 11 passengers.

Jet Aviation Basel recently redelivered its 25th Boeing BBJ with a custom VIP cabin interior and aircraft livery. The long-range BBJ1 aircraft was completed and certified by the Completions Center in nine months.

With the BBJ1 having to regularly meet long-range flight missions, a light-weight cabin interior is critical. Jet Aviation Basel leveraged technology improvements from its extensive investment in the Boeing 787 platform and developed a sound insulation optimization technique that decreased the weight by 30 percent. This provided the added benefit of a very quiet cabin.

Spacious cabin includes master bedroom and bathroom.

“Our ability to outfit a green aircraft with innovative design, state-of-the-art technology and uncompromising luxury within such a timeline really underscores great teamwork and cooperation,” said Adam White, senior director of Completions Engineering at Jet Aviation Basel.

The modern minimalistic interior design contrasts white and taupe tones against black wood, with stingray skin inlays emphasizing the luxuriousness of each custom-made piece of furniture. Following completion and certification of the VIP Cabin Interior, the BBJ1 then received the most complex paint livery ever executed at Jet Aviation Basel. The sleek black to grey fade-out livery of 19 mixed design colors links the interior color palette to the exterior across the entire fuselage and tail. Both interior and exterior design concepts were created in-house by the Jet Aviation Design Studio.

“Customers appreciate the scope of our in-house capabilities and our commitment to the highest standards,” said Neil Boyle, vice president and general manager of the Jet Aviation Basel Completions Center. “Through our continual investment in new technologies and training, we developed a novel approach to reducing sound levels in VIP interiors with this project, and did so without burdening the aircraft with unnecessary weight. We also created an exquisite VIP cabin interior and aircraft livery that truly showcases our expertise and craftsmanship. Our goal is to deliver the most benefit to our clients, which this redelivery clearly demonstrates.”

Customers can relax on board and take advantage of a high-end entertainment system.

The Boeing BBJ1 has a range of up to 9,260 km and offers space for comfortable flights of up to 11 passengers. Equipped with a luxurious VIP-interior, the plane has a main bedroom and a bathroom with a shower, separate toilets for guests and crew, as well as two side sofas that turn into separate beds. The elegant interior of the cabin is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors and leather seating, and boasts all the necessary amenities for passengers, including a high-quality entertainment system.

Jet Aviation Business Jets, an air carrier certificate holder in Malta, Germany and Switzerland, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, is responsible for providing aircraft management services and a charter company in EMEA and Asia. Jet Aviation, one of the world's largest companies in air traffic management, flight support and charter traffic, currently manages and serves more than 150 aircraft from Cologne, Germany; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Hong Kong; Malta; and Zurich, Switzerland. Aircraft management services provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for owners and operators, and its flight support solutions offer a more personalized program designed to meet individual customer needs.