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Inside Ultralight HondaJet Elite

Dal Kikin
October 12, 2018

The Japanese company Honda Aircraft Company - a relative newcomer to the aircraft industry, founded in 2006, delivered its first aircraft 2.5 years ago and immediately became the leader in its business aviation segment, becoming the first in 2017.

Following the already well-known HondaJet, the Japanese Aircraft Corporation began developing a new version of the HA-420 HondaJet - with the Elite prefix, which was presented in May this year at EBACE in Geneva, Switzerland.

The most impressive upgrade comes with the aircraft’s range. Extended range comes thanks to the elite to fly 1,437nm - 17% (208nm) further than the standard HondaJet. The HondaJet has one of the best-performing aircraft in the very light jet sector. Passengers are able to fly from New York to Houston, London to Istanbul or Tokyo to Guam.

The maximum cabin height of 8,000 feet - even at a maximum flight level of 43,000 feet - allows passengers to feel less reactive and more refreshed after flying.

The cab sound system is also more impressive in the Elite thanks to the silent Bongiovi Aviation system. Instead of the traditional speaker setup, the Bongiovi system effectively makes the internal loudspeakers using 24 sensors located behind the cabs. This creates a more exciting sound for passengers, and also blocks any outside noise.

The cabin is not the only place where the Elite has seen noise modifications. The engine-inlet manifolds have been redesigned to include perforated-inlet technology – a combination of newly shaped fanblades and honeycomb inlets that reduces external noise reaching the cabin making the cabin a more conducive working environment.

In the cockpit of the Garmin 3000 avionics were presented various improvements. A new attack angle indicator and performance management system and an automatic control system for takeoff and landing distance (TO / LD) together provide improved situational awareness of the pilot and reduce flight planning time. This makes the HondaJet Elite even easier and safer for single pilot operations - and the lack of need for a second pilot makes it cheaper to operate.

“We are evaluating what is the best business case for us as well as for our customers. But, of course, some of the functionality should be available for our current customers, so we are now looking at what package could be the most desirable from the customer’s standpoint.” – Michimasa Fujino, CEO Honda Jet.

The price of the new HondaJet Elite starts from $ 5.25 million.