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Inside a True Gentleman’s Private Jet

Dal Kikin
October 2, 2018

The interior design of the private jet was created by the award-winning British design studio Winch Design. Previously, Winch Design specialized in the design of yachts, but recently more and more often goes into other sectors, in particular, designing an interior in a private jet.

According to Jim Dixon, Chief of Aviation for Winch Design, this customized aircraft was originally designed for a client who wanted to experience the wonderful art of traveling.

“a space in which to feel comfortable and experience travel not as a chore but a fine art”

The interior of the private aircraft Airbus ACJ139 reviving the refined aesthetics of classic British style. London design company was able to recreate the classic gentleman's aesthetics, reminiscent of the XIX century.

Inside the plane, there is the discreet luxury of British homes: soft forged floors, furniture richly decorated with luxurious materials such as mother of pearls. The cabin of the aircraft includes a study with a sofa and armchairs, as well as a magnificent library closet with luxurious tomes and a hidden entrance to a full-fledged bedroom.