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Inside 6 of the world's most expensive private jets

BEAM Staff
January 24, 2018

As the world's richest list has expended throughout the years, so has the size of their private jets. With an ever growing inventory of aircraft available for charter, more now prefer to rent. 

Available options on the market now include aircraft with dedicated conference rooms, master bedrooms, private studies whilst sometimes still retaining the capacity to carry a staff of up to 50 people. Beam looks inside some of the most expensive private jets currently available for rent.

Boeing BBJ 767-200ER

Passengers: 63 (10 VVIP, 20 Business, 33 Economy)

Operator: One Above

Nice-Moscow price: €207,950

Built in 2001, this BBJ 767 has a particularly interesting configuration with a double bed layout towards the front of the plane with a dedicated bathroom, as well as a private study specially designed for heads of state and top CEOs.

Towards the middle of the aircraft is another lounge area suitable for up to four people for private dinning as well as relaxation. Back on the rear of the airplane are a further 20 Business style seats as well as 33 premium economy spots for when large number of passengers need to be transported. The plane was fully refurbished in 2013.

Boeing Business Jet 737

Passengers: 34

Operator: Royal Jet Group

Nice - Moscow price: €231,600

Crafted by interior designer, Edese Doret, the cabin of this BBJ 737 can fly up to 34 passengers in absolute comfort, with 8 of them in VIP seats. The flexible layout, highly popular for heads of state and top CEOs needing to entertain high profile guests whilst also bringing over their staff, increases the aircraft's performance in a competitive charter environment. 

Forward of the plane is a bedroom with a dedicated bathroom and fully usable double bed. Flown by a group of 3 pilots and one flight engineers, the BBJ also comes with up to five cabin attendants. With a range of nearly 10 hours, the plane flies at a cruising speed of 853 km/h. A special antenna system was installed on the aircraft to provide it with high-speed internet and TV connection.

Airbus Elite 318+

Passengers: 19

Operator: AJA

Nice-Moscow price: €109,650

As opposed to the previous BBJ, this Airbus Elite 318+ was designed and configured with solely luxury and high-end comfort in mind. The cabin is structured into several lounging zones, sitting up to 19 people that convert into comfortable beds during night time flights.

In particular, the aircraft comes with a bar and lounge area, a dinning table area as well as a separate compartment to the rear with the possibility for 2 beds. This configuration is particularly useful when only some of the passengers wish to get some sleep. Built in 2010, the Airbus has a range of 7,600km.

Airbus 319 Corporate

Passengers: 19

Operator: Emirates Executive Jet

Nice-Moscow price: €161,300

Operated by Emirates, one of the world's most hailed first class airlines, this Airbus is part of the Dubai-based carriers premium offering. Building on their experience flying millions of passengers every year, Emirates designed the aircraft to be able to be used both as a lounging space for relaxation and socializing as well as corporate meetings and dinners whilst in the air.

Amenities onboard the plane include a large bathroom and shower as well as high end equipment for the best dinning experience in the air. For intimacy and comfort, the aircraft is also fitted with twelve individual suites, similar to the carrier's first class offerings, where its passengers can relax during the flight.

Airbus 320 Corporate

Passengers: 26

Operator: Luxaviation/Masterjet

Nice-Moscow price: €128,150

The aircraft is designed for ultimate comfort onboard. The cabin starts with a spacious bedroom reminiscent of a yacht forward of the plane that comes with its own bathroom and shower as well as a private lounge with a TV and sitting area. Amidst the plane is a circular dinning table for up to 6 guests.

Towards the rear of the head of state aircraft is a lounge with sits, coffee tables and a sofa. The rear of the cabin is made up of eight luxury seats around two dinning tables as well a space dedicated to crew relaxation. An in-flight entertainment system also has over 200 movies on demand and WIFI is distributed throughout the aircraft.

Embraer Lineage 1000

Passengers: 19

Operator: Falcon Aviation Services

Nice-Moscow price: €105,250

A narrower aircraft than others on this list, this Lineage 1000 was manufactured by Embraer in Brazil and can fly up to 19 passengers thanks to its long cabin. Subdivided into several lounging areas, the airplane has two bathrooms, four sofas and a myriad of chairs to sit its passengers.

Amongst the airliner's amenities are also an oversized staff area to allow cabin crew to both rest and best cater to guests onboard. During overnight flights, the seats can be joined together and converted into comfortable beds. According to reports on the market, such an aircraft would cost near $53 million to purchase from Embraer, with the Falcon 7X and Gulfstream G600 being its main competitors in this price range. It has a maximum range of 8,520 kilometers.

Whereas these private jets are unquestionably large, larger units exist on airfields throughout the world. For the most of them, however, these are used either as private/corporate aircrafts or exclusively by heads of state and governments. Not only can these aircrafts be larger, they are also often more customized to the preferences of their owners as they are not expected to generate a return on charter. This becomes exceedingly rare as a younger generation of aircraft owners aims for efficiency.