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ICON Aircraft unveiled first showroom at Santa Monica Municipal Airport

Dal Kikin
April 4, 2019
We want to make flying accessible for everyone. We want to make it easier, we want to make it as safe as possible. We just want to make it intuitive,” said Icon president Thomas Wieners at the opening demo day. 

The Los Angeles area presents an ideal flying environment for ICON’s amphibious aircraft and is fit for its customers who enjoy adventure and outdoor activities. The showroom was located in the middle of the company’s ideal demographic—active, adventurous people who live near and looking for fun.

Santa Monica is a perfect choice for the first ICON Showroom," said Thomas Wieners, President of ICON Aircraft. "The company was founded in the Los Angeles area more than ten years ago and the region has one of the largest general aviation populations in the U.S. We look forward to connecting with existing pilots and introducing them to adventure flying in the ICON A5, as well as bringing the A5 to new and aspiring pilots who call this area home.

The A5 has designed for two people to change their way to interact with the world. The combination of folding wings, amphibious capability, and an optional custom trailer means it possible to own an A5 without parking at the airport. It takes one person two minutes to unfold the A5’s wings and be ready to fly. The A5 trailer's hydraulic retracting bunks allow the plane to be loaded and unloaded on its wheels or launched and recovered in the water like a boat.

We're excited that ICON chose Santa Monica Airport for its Southern California showroom," said Christian Fry, President of the Santa Monica Airport Association. "The city of Santa Monica and the airport, in particular, have played pivotal roles in business and in aviation for over a hundred years. We're fortunate to have an opportunity to build on that history by welcoming an innovative company such as ICON to the Santa Monica Airport Association and help them in their mission to grow aviation and welcome a new generation of sport flying enthusiasts.

One of his key features is Seawings platforms which provide stability on the water as well as convenient platforms to check engine vitals and enter the aircraft on land, from a dock, or from the water. They also contain small storage compartments accessible from the cockpit. ICON A5 has a maximum speed of 113 miles per hour, a range of 427 nautical miles and the ability to take off on any runway or on water.

The ICON A5 requires at least a sport pilot license to operate and the company designed its award-winning sport pilot training course from the ground up.

@Photos by The ICON Aircraft