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Hybrid passenger multicopter SureFly

Dal Kikin
October 24, 2018


The promising passenger multicopter SureFly, developed by Workhorse, made the first flight in the beginning of May of this year. During the test, the apparatus under the control of a test pilot rose a short distance above the ground and spent some time in the hover mode.

Today, several companies in the world are developing new vehicles that could be used for rapid movements in the city, as well as between the city and the suburbs. We are talking about both individual manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, and aerotaxi.


The first flight of the SureFly passenger multicopter was “free”. This means that the device was not connected to the ground by safety cords, which are commonly used in such tests to prevent the device from climbing uncontrollably. The tests were considered successful.

SureFly is created according to the scheme of a hybrid aircraft. The device is made double with a passenger capsule, located under two crossed beams. At the ends of the beams are jointly placed two propellers rotating in opposite directions.


The propellers are driven by individual electric motors, which, are powered by a generator and a battery. The generator spins up with a 200-horsepower Honda gasoline engine. In the event of a generator or engine failure, the electric motors will switch to power from two 7.5 kW batteries each.

“SureFly is designed to be cheaper, safer and easier than a helicopter. The reason that everyone does not have a helicopter in their garage is associated with these three problems. We think that if you can buy something reasonably inexpensive, fairly easy and safe, you will definitely do it, ”said SureFly CEO Steve Burns. “Helicopter can be used everywhere, the user can be a farmer checking his livestock; an ambulance driver who will be able to get to the accident faster; military, air taxi or a person who does not want to stand in traffic jams "


The mass of the promising apparatus is 680 kilograms. SureFly can carry passengers and cargo with a total weight of 181 kilograms. At maximum load, the flight range of the device is 113 kilometers, and the maximum altitude of the flight is 1.2 thousand meters. Multikopter can reach speeds of up to 112 kilometers per hour.

The cost of a SureFly multicopter will be about $200.000.