How much does it cost to buy an Airbus?

Konstantin Sheiko
March 2, 2018

For the past 15 years, that white-hot competition in the field of airplane design and production has almost exclusively been between two companies - Airbus and Boeing. At the end of a day, it all comes to a delicate balance between the cost that the customers are ready to pay, and the planes’ quality that the clients are after. So what is special about the Airbus airplanes, and how much does it cost to buy one?   

India and China are among the fastest-growing markets for Airbus and rival plane-maker Boeing Co., as both forecast Asia to overtake the U.S. as the world’s biggest plane market in two decades. Right now, Indigo Airlines, India’s biggest airline, has the biggest ever order on the planet for purchase of aircraft in commercial aviation history. It is for over 530 A320 aircraft from Airbus! In January 2011, IndiGo ordered 180 planes worth $15 billion from Airbus, at the time the biggest order in commercial aviation history, as it builds toward its goal of a 1,000-jet fleet. 

Parallel to its fleet of commercial airliners, Airbus has developed a series of Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), just as the Boeing corporation has done in the past, starting twenty years ago. Airbus corporation claims that today it offers the most modern and comprehensive corporate jets in the world, giving its customers the greatest choice of unique, customisable and spacious cabins, allowing them to select the comfort they want in the size they require, and offering them their perfect place in the sky.   

The range of Airbus Corporate Jets on offer is truly impressive. Beginning with the ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320 and ACJ321, which feature three times more interior space than traditional high-end business jets, without being significantly larger externally, setting the new standard to which corporate jet customers aspire. Customers benefit not only from unequalled comfort, space and freedom of movement on every trip but also from the technical advantages of Airbus’ state-of-the-art modern aircraft.    

This successful corporate jet family has also expanded with two highly-capable new members, the ACJ319neo (new engine option) and ACJ320neo, providing further enhancements in comfort, range and efficiency. The newcomers have been built on the widest and tallest cabin that is already the cornerstone of the family’s success around the world. Airbus’ advanced technology allows customers to stay connected with what’s happening on the ground, whilst working and relaxing in a luxury cabin tailored to their own needs.   

The fresh design of the company’s Melody cabin concept features flowing lines inspired by the curves of nature, along with an emphasis on creating a high-quality sound environment. This new concept provides an even better travel experience – with greater freedom of movement, space and comfort for corporate jet customers. The basic Airbus A319neo costs $99.5 million at list value excluding the cost of luxury style interior, with a range of 12,500km. The A320NEO is valued at $125 million, with a 19-seat custom interior at current list prices and a range of 11,100km. 

For customers who need to carry even more passengers, in unsurpassable comfort and space, Airbus offers a full family of VIP wide-bodies that deliver non-stop globe spanning range. Comprising the ACJ330, ACJ340, ACJ350 XWB and ACJ380, company executives, high net-worth individuals and government leaders can save time by flying directly to their destination while profiting from the most intelligently designed cabins in the sky. ACJ330 has a range of 14,800km and a cost of $229 million. ACJ350 has a range of 18,600km, and a price of $305 million. ACJ380 has a range 17,250km, with a price tag of $428 million. As you can see, the ACJ fleet prices are higher than the Airbus’ commercial planes.   

Airbus claims that more than 16,000 ACJs have been ordered to date from a global customer base. The company assures that corporate jet customers will invariably be close to Airbus global support network, wherever in the world they choose to fly. Corporate jet customers also benefit from Airbus passion for aviation and non-stop innovation - consistently creating better and more efficient ways to fly, allowing Airbus to pass significant savings to its customers in terms of costs.

Advanced technology and avionics makes landing possible in even the most challenging conditions, while the cockpit commonality amongst Airbus jetliners not only creates an enjoyable working environment but also facilitates easier transitioning for pilots from one jetliner to the next. With a history of working closely with its customers to provide them with the best possible service, Airbus promises to provide peace of mind, taking care of every detail.