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How much does a Boeing Business Jet actually cost?

BEAM Staff
March 31, 2018

Despite being an aircraft manufacturer for more than a century, Boeing began to produce business jets only 20 years ago: the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) maiden flight was made on 4 September 1998. The BBJ usually seat between 25 and 50 passengers within a luxurious configuration. This may include a master bedroom, a washroom with showers, a conference/dining area, and a living area.

Boeing Business Jets have a VIP-configurations based on the 737, 777, 787 and the 747-8 Intercontinental. There are private jets based on some second-hand Boeing types —757 or 767, although their age is not a burden when it comes to prestige. As of December 2017, 208 out of 255 ordered BBJs were in service. It takes about 5 years from contract signing to the production line. The interior design takes about half of this time.

The interior design can be basic (or corporate) or also an originally designed one, depends on the airplane's usage. Sometimes the interior design costs about a half of the airplane itself. In some cases additional equipment is being tuned up before installation, pushing the price for such things in volumes. That’s why any project regarding VIP-configuration is very expensive: for aircrafts like BBJ-737 it starts from $15 million, in case of a wide-body Boeing-747 or B787 Dreamliner — even more — hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Air Jet Designs

Clients form Asia often ask for card tables to be installed. Passengers can gamble, just make sure the plane is more than 200 km from the shore, as some countries are gambling-sensitive. There are requests for a sauna, karaoke, treadmills and stationary bikes (those are installed inside big jets, like the BBJ). Not any client’s wish comes to reality. Due to security reasons bathtubs, pools and golf are not allowed for installation. No flammable materials and heavy marble parts either. Everything on board requires certification. It means, even a CD-player bought in the supermarket cannot be installed.

The spacious BBJ is the aircraft of a choice for many Forbes listed individuals. Here are some examples.

Back in 2005, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin bought a Boeing 767-200 wide-body jet (range — 9400 km). The airplane was built in 1987 to fly with for Qantas airline in Australia. The price tag for the jet was roughly $15 million and additional $10 million were spent on the VIP interior, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

The jet was kept in a special storage at Moffet Field, a big former military airfield run by NASA. It’s only a few kilometres from Google. For $1.3 million a year, Page and Brin got to park their Boeing 767-200, as well as two other jets used by top Google executives. Moffett Field is generally closed to private aircraft, reports New York Times. According to local spotters, that Boeing 767-200 is still owned by Google bosses.

Roman Abramovich, one of the Russia’s wealthiest businessmen also own its wide-body jet, based on a Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. The ER-prefix stands for ‘’extended range” letting this 11-year old airplane to perform non-stop long-haul flights on a distance up to 11,000 km. Abramovich’s airplane, dubbed “the bandit,” features distinctive black masks painted around the exterior cockpit windows, plus gold fixtures and an antimissile defence system. 

The “Bandit’s” 1:500 scaled model is available in souvenir shops. Abramovich, who owns England’s Chelsea Football Club, often parks the jet at Harrod’s FBO at London Stansted during football season, according to Business Jet Traveler. Various sources evaluate the price Abramovich had to pay for his “Bandit” at $100 million.

Donald Trump in the past one of the most shocking business tycoons and now the US President, in 2011 bought the 7300 km-ranged Boeing 757-200 jet from Microsoft’s Paul Allen.The Trump Boeing 757 reportedly cost a whopping $100 million, according to Business Insider. The jet was painted in black with a golden “Trump” title along the fuselage. The tail features a giant ’T’-sign. The inside of Trump’s 757 is mostly gold-plated. In fact, virtually every fixture in the plane is 24-karat gold-plated — even the seat belts.

Being a President, Trump uses Air Force One — a code name for any aircraft carrying the US President. It’s a Boeing 747-200 -based airplane. In September 2017 Boeing announced that it has been awarded an almost $600 million contract for the preliminary design of the next Air Force One. The contract stipulates that the aerospace giant will create designs that incorporates a mission control system, medical facility, electrical power upgrades, self-defence system, and autonomous ground operations capabilities into two already-built commercial 747-8 planes, according to Fortune.

BEAM has thoroughly explored VIP-jetliners based on the new Boeing’s wide-bodies.

Boeing 747-8

List price - $402,9 mln

Maximum range - 16,500 km

Area - 445 square meters

The most expensive private jet is probably the Boeing 747-8 VIP with a value up to $600 million. Almost $200 million are added to the list price for special equipment and design works. The 747-8 — one of Boeing´s most successful models. Taking advantage of its size — 6.1m wide by 743m long — a Qatar client, hired the specialized company Greenpoint Technologies to customize his 747-8. After three years of hard work, the firm based in Washington DC, in 2015 delivered one of the world’s largest private VIP jets — and without a doubt the most luxurious. 

The most interesting ‘feature’ of this jet is a built-in elevator. The 747-8 Aerolift is a secure, ground-to-main deck lift for up to four passengers or a wheelchair passenger and attendant. The airplane is capable of flying up to 100 passengers. The owner of the giant is a Emir Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim bin Muhammed Al Thani of Qatar. It’s official operator is called Qatar Amiri Flight currently flying two BBJ 747-8 VIP jetliners.

Boeing 777

List price - $334m to $362 mln

Maximum range - 18,600 km

Area - 280 square meters

The order book for B777-based business jets is about 10 airplanes. The future customers names are of course behind the curtain. In August 2017 the boutique cruise line Crystal Cruises added a new vessel to its fleet. But the vessel, named the Crystal Skye, isn't the company's traditional cruise ship, river boat, or luxury yacht. Instead, it's a new Boeing 777-200LR wide-body jetliner, according to Business Insider. The ‘LR” stands for Longer Range.

Luxurious, multifunctional apartments can be found inside the big jet. A separate lounge area features a bar, sofas, dining tables. Step inside and the 777's ultra-functional interior has been transformed into a stylish luxury oasis. Upfront is a roomy lounge where the plane's occupants can grab a drink and socialize. Naturally, the focal point of the lounge is a fully stocked bar at the front of the room. Crystal even promises a Michelin-star quality dining experience. 

This Boeing- 777 is designed for 88 passengers, each with a luxury full-flat seat. Each seat is equipped with a 24-inch entertainment screen and a complimentary wifi.

Air cruises on board the Crystal Skye reportedly cost as much as $159,000 per person for an around the world trip. The Crystal Skye is also available to charter with a budget of roughly $55,000 per hour. Forbes found 10 ways to book Crystal Skye — including marriage or birthday ceremonies, start-up launch parties, big sport events visiting, flying the world with an old friends.

Boeing 787

List price - $240m to $282 mln

Maximum range - 18,400 km

Area - 225 square meters

The first Dremliner-based bizjet owner was a Hong Kong's real estate tycoon Joseph Lau in 2007. Back then, the price tag for his 787-8 jet was $153 million, no interior design price included. It was a historical moment for Boeing. Their newest, composite-made, new technology airplane — B787 Dreamliner — has taken a new market niche. Reportedly, the Saudi royal family were interested in acquiring 787. 

The most famous private Dreamliner is Dream Jet first shown at Dubai Airshow 2017. The Dream Jet is a flagship with Chinese company Deer Jet. Outside China, Dubai-headquartered UAS International Trip Support sells and promotes this VVIP-transport globally, following an agreement signed between two companies before the show. 

Almost a year ago, Deer Jet acquired a major stake in UAS and named the venture its flight support partner company for its fleet of 90 bizjets. The Dream Jet is valued at $300 million. In total, 15 Boeing Business Jet B787s aircrafts have been ordered so far. The airplane is targeted at ultra high net worth individuals, heads of state and royal families.

Comfort comes with a price as renting this Dreamliner for an hour at $74,000. With the journey from Hong Kong to Tahiti taking just under 15 hours, the price for a one way ride would come in at just over a $1.1 million.