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HK Bellawings Jet becomes Bombardier's largest customer

Dal Kikin
April 17, 2019

As reported, the Hong Kong company HK Bellawings Jet Limited, which specializes in business jet management, confirmed the order for four Global 7500 business jets. The announcement was made during the ABASE-2019 exhibition.

Global 5500

In May 2018 in Geneva, HK Bellawings for the first time announced its intention to acquire up to 18 Global 6500 and Global 7500 aircraft for a total of $ 1.14 billion (a firm order of four Global 6500 and two Global 7500, the rest is an option). Currently, the total number of firm orders has increased to 10 cars (four Global 6500 and six Global 7500). The total cost of four Global 7500 is estimated at $ 291 million.

Global 6500

The company plans to receive the first Global 6500 already this year. Last year, Bombardier Business Aircraft unveiled two new modifications in its family of Global business jets - 5500 and 6500, which will receive a range of 5700 and 6600 nautical miles, respectively, and a maximum speed of Mach 0.9. At the same time, against the background of the increased range of the newest business jet Global 7000, the company renamed it 7500.

Global 7500

Improving the flight performance of the Global 5500/6500 is achieved through the use of new Rolls-Royce Pearl engines and a redesigned wing. The new business jets Global 5500 and Global 6500 will also be able to add up to 1,300 nautical miles when working in high temperature and high mountains, thanks to increased thrust and increased fuel efficiency. These aircraft will also be able to fly to airports with short runways and steep glideslocks.

Global 7500