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Highlighted finalists of The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2019: Private Jet Design

Dal Kikin
April 26, 2019

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2019 will be held on Friday 24 May 2019 at The Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy, with leading industry professionals flying to Venice from all over the world.

Here are the finalists in the category "Private Jet Design":

Project Name: Gulfstream G650ER: Serenity & Style

The Gulfstream G650ER layered interior reflects Gulfstream’s 60-year heritage of marrying excellent design with technology to create an aircraft cabin that harnesses the benefits of business aviation. This G650ER cabin showcases one of Gulfstream’s latest design aesthetics.

The layered aesthetic can be seen in such details as the horizontal-striped quilted seat inserts contrasted with the precious natural grey agate countertops and ebony veneer cabinetry with chevron accents. Touch the luxury of plush mohair divans, silk accents in the carpet pattern, the linear-patterned upper sidewall fabric, embossed basket-weave leather accents on the arms of the seats and the embossed shagreen-patterned leather on the lower sidewalls.

As the G650ER is the only business jet that can fly as far as fast as it does, many Gulfstream customers can spend up to 15 hours at a time on the aircraft. Gulfstream Research and Development conceived the innovations that reduce fatigue and distress over long flights. Thanks to the 100 percent fresh air, the lowest cabin altitude in the industry and panoramic windows, a Gulfstream flight fosters both serenity and wellness.

Project Name: Bombardier The Global 7500

Business travelers demand high levels of comfort and performance in aircraft design and Bombardier Business Aircraft’s Global 7500 sets the benchmark for the most exceptional business jet experience possible. Every detail of the Global 7500 aircraft is selected by Bombardier carefully. This is the only business aircraft with four distinct living areas and a dedicated crew rest area.

Versatility and flexibility are hallmarks of the Global 7500 aircraft. With correct designed seats and extra-large windows, he allows for an array of floor plans. The aircraft also includes a permanent bed and stand-up shower – elements unique to business aircraft. The aircraft’s kitchen also features custom-built, top-of-the-line appliances, transforming the in-flight dining experience.

The Global 7500 have advanced avionics technology, superior aesthetics and are equipped with a side and forward-facing jump seat, maximizing crew comfort and efficiency. Engineered with next-generation transonic wing design, the Global 7500 aircraft ensures a smooth flight and provides steep approach capability and short-field performance, to optimize destination availability.

Project/product name: Nextant G90XT

The G90XT by Nexant Aviation is a twin-turboprop cabin-class that begins with the Beechcraft King Air 90. Through a rigorous FAA-certified re-manufacturing process, the air-frame transforms into an unlimited-life structure with a perfectly matched outfit of new engines, avionics, interiors, and systems. At the heart of the G90XT is a pair of GE H75 turbine engines controlled through a revolutionary single-lever power control system (S-LPC). This system reduces pilot workload.

Sports a refined interior usually reserved for larger business jets. Constant Aviation’s professional design team and craftsmen use the finest hardwoods and laminates, leathers, carpeting and fabrics, and the latest in integrated digital productivity and entertainment technologies. The exterior paintwork is a striking departure from the norm, allowing the G90XT to stand out on the ramp with a bold color combo in white, black, and a brilliant copper Pantone 876C.

Paired with the GE H75 engines, the G90XT boasts improved operating efficiency, more efficient fuel burn, higher power output, and lower operating costs when compared to new aircraft in its class.

Project Name: HondaJet

Honda took on the tremendous challenge to bring the world’s newest light jet to market with the best combination of high performance and high fuel efficiency. Honda developed an Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration to enhance aircraft performance. At 422 knots (486 mph/751 kph), the HondaJet is the fastest in its class with a weather-topping cruise altitude of more than 13,000 meters. 

Because of the HondaJet Over-The-Wing Engine Mount design, it is possible to maximize cabin volume without increasing the outside dimensions of the aircraft. The HondaJet cabin is approximately 15 percent larger than other jets in its class. The HondaJet pressurization system maintains a cabin altitude at 8,000 feet up to FL430 provides a more comfortable passenger environment. HondaJet has a sophisticated flight deck with three 14-inch landscape displays and two touchscreen controllers that helps pilots.

The result is a beautiful aircraft that delivers a lifestyle benefit to customers – superior performance without compromising comfort and efficiency. With the HondaJet, they wanted to accomplish in aviation what the Honda Civic achieved in the U.S. market – introduce a product that brings real, new value to consumers.