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Harmony of Airbus Corporate Jets

Dal Kikin
October 11, 2018

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has developed a new concept for the Harmony passenger cabin for wide-bodied VIP aircraft. The Harmony cabin makes the best use of all the advantages of Airbus Corporate Jets wide-bodied aircraft, creating a holistic flight experience for passengers. The concept is based on the Airspace cabin, designed for passenger Airbus aircraft.

Originally designed for the ACJ330neo family of aircraft, equipped with new engines and Sharklets, the Harmony interior can also be installed on the ACJ350 XWB.

“Long-distance flights are a good opportunity not only to complete urgent matters and work productively, but also to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday work. We believe that the Harmony interior is best suited for these tasks,” said Benoit Deffort, ACJ President.

Harmony is notable for its elegant design and non-standard approach to the design of the interior of the cabin. The concept was developed by the ACJ design team led by the company's chief creative designer Silvan Maria. In the front section of the aircraft is a spacious welcome area with a bar, the main element of which is a holographic projection of the globe. 

On the right side of this zone is a bedroom, a working office and a bathroom. On the left side - a spacious lounge area with round tables and soft sofas. Behind the lounge area there is a meeting room and four VIP suites, each of which is a spacious study that easily turns into a bedroom and which is equipped with a built-in shower room. In the tail section of the fuselage there is a zone with the traditional layout of a passenger aircraft. This zone can be used for transportation of accompanying personnel.

Harmony uses natural materials for interior trimming, with an emphasis on cool light gray shades that harmonize well with the interior details in terracotta and turquoise tones. Harmony salon actively uses various biomorphic forms. Thus, the ceiling of the cabin is decorated with decorative wavy lines that imitate ripples on the water.

In addition to increased capacity, VIP options for wide-bodied Airbus aircraft also offer customers increased flight range, allowing non-stop flights around the world.