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Gulfstream G280: the most compact jet in the Gulfstream family

Dal Kikin
January 21, 2019

In terms of its technical and economic performance, the Gulfstream G280 is the leader among the super-mid-size class aircraft.

The long fuselage of the new design, streamlined wings and powerful engines increase the range and speed of flight of the G280, while maintaining its leadership in its class in fuel efficiency.

The Gulfstream G280 flies 370 kilometers (200 nautical miles) more than its original range target. This constructional achievement increases the G280's maximum range to 6,667 km (3,600 nautical miles) at Mach 0.80, turning the G280 into the only class of aircraft in its class capable of making direct flights from London to New York with a world speed record . The maximum operating speed of the G280 is 0.85 Mach, but even making a long-haul flight at a speed of Mach 0.8, the G280 is far ahead of other medium-sized business jets. What does this mean for passengers? The flight from New York to Los Angeles is five hours or even faster, which corresponds to the G-808 transatlantic flight speed record when the flight time from Paris to White Plains (New York) was only 7 hours and 40 minutes.

The G280 has an exceptional rate of climb. The hero of my story with a maximum take-off weight needs a runway 64 m (210 ft) shorter than that designed, so that aircraft that fly long-haul flights can take off from shorter flight fields. And since the G280 can instantly reach a height of 13,106 meters (43,000 feet) in less than 23 minutes, this aircraft is characterized by its best-in-class efficiency, consuming 12% less fuel than any other airliner in the same class.

The cockpit of the PlaneView280 is equipped with ultramodern aircraft navigation and control systems, and the traction and braking automata set new standards for controlling and piloting aircraft.

The Gulfstream G280 is such a powerful and aerodynamic aircraft that it takes to a new level the performance characteristics and capabilities of service aircraft of the super middle class.

As for the interior of the passenger compartment - inside the light colors, silence and amazing convenience - all that could be expected from Gulfstream and the slogan The World Standard.

The ceiling height is 1.91 m - higher than that of any aircraft of this class and very suitable for my height. Along with the width and length, this allows 10 passengers to comfortably stay in the cabin of the G280, with up to five beds allowed. Three layouts to choose from make it easy to configure the salon to meet specific requirements for working conditions, entertainment, leisure, or everything together.

19 windows illuminate the G280 cabin with natural light and provide every passenger with the opportunity to see the world from a height. Also, two characteristic features of Gulfstream aircraft - the circulation of absolutely fresh air and reduced barometric altitude in the cabin - reduce the load on the heart and lungs of passengers, which means they arrive at a place with less fatigue, more collected and ready to focus on the upcoming affairs.

The Gulfstream cabin control system allows you to easily adjust the temperature, lighting, monitors, and entertainment systems using your iPod touch. The management program can be downloaded to most Apple devices, giving passengers the ability to adjust settings from their seats. Standard aircraft features for business or entertainment include dual-layer Blu-ray DVD players and high-definition monitors. Communication tools are complemented by the Gulfstream CabinView system, presented in the form of web pages, which allows you to track the progress of the flight, view state borders and points of increased interest on a geographic map.

The well-equipped kitchen is located in the bow of the cabin, and the vacuum toilet is located at the tail of the aircraft.