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Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda became the first European owner of the Bombardier Global 7500 business jet

Dal Kikin
April 3, 2019

On March 28, Bombardier solemnly handed over the first ultra-long business jet Global 7500 to a European client. They became a long-time partner of the Canadian manufacturer of the world-famous Formula 1 pilot Niki Lauda. The transfer of the business jet with serial number 70011 occurred seven weeks after receiving the flagship EASA certificate. In the near future, the aircraft will be registered in Austria and begin to fly. At various times, Niki Lauda, ??who was also a pilot, owned the Challenger 300, Global 5000 and Global 6000 business jets.

“We are thrilled to deliver our flagship Global 7500 business jet to Niki Lauda, our esteemed customer for many years,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “The Global 7500 aircraft is simply the best business jet on the market. It sets the standard by which all other aircraft in private aviation will be measured, demonstrated by the prestigious design and aviation awards it has garnered. The Global 7500 aircraft is the crown jewel of the industry.”

“I have enjoyed watching the evolution and growth of the Global Aircraft program. I have always been impressed with the expertise, craftsmanship and innovation that go into building every Global business jet,” said Niki Lauda. “The Global 7500 aircraft is the culmination of all the knowledge Bombardier teams have gained over the years and I look forward to experiencing the range, speed and comfort this jet has to offer.”

Interior design for the Niki Lauda's future aircraft was developed by Hannes Rausch and Veronique Ferrari (Hannes Rausch & Veronique Ferrari). When finishing the business jet of Niki Lauda, ??the task was to develop the design of a unique, courageous aircraft with universal appeal. In the interior of the aircraft, classic fabrics for men's business suits — a thin strip and a dog's canine — were used everywhere. This design has become a reflection of his “alter-ego”, whose roots go back to the banking past of his family.

According to Mr. Rausch, personal designer of Niki Lauda, ??a lot of light penetrating the Global 7500 salon through his enlarged windows allows designers to use darker materials both for cladding and finishing fabrics. It also allowed them to play with the reflections and directions of the light that permeates the salon. In this project, the new, fourth allocated residential compartment made it possible to design a separate passenger cabin in a slightly different way and with a different use of materials, while maintaining the elegant design to which the client was accustomed in another aircraft. The client can rest and relax in the cabin, until he pilots the plane, and use the rest of the cabin space for his business activities.

Facing rocks were chosen to both attract the eye and be elegant, and in combination with their multidirectional application are a unique feature of the cabin. Besides the fact that they used the lining on the block elements of the interior, Hannes found it necessary to use it for flooring the corridor and in both bathrooms. However, given the complex pattern of the lining, in all other areas of the cabin they turned to the minimalist approach, working with the same fabrics in different areas. Although this aircraft has some very unique features, its classic interior will always be relevant. Mr Laude really likes the interior of his current Global 6000 aircraft. The design of the new Global 7500 business jet is the perfect transition from its current aircraft.

As commented in Bombardier, the aircraft also surpasses the initial characteristics of the required take-off and landing distances and work in the so-called "difficult airports", such as Zion and St. Moritz in Switzerland. A business jet is able to directly connect New York with Hong Kong and Singapore to San Francisco with eight passengers and standard NBAA IFR fuel reserves. The nearest slot for the supply of a new aircraft is 2022. This year, the manufacturer plans to transfer to customers 15-20 Global 7500, with an increase in production rate to 35-40 in 2020. The company has over 110 firm orders for a new jets. In late January, Bombardier announced the final agreement on the acquisition of the production program of the wing for the Global 7500 business jet from Triumph Group Inc. According to the Canadian company, this acquisition will strengthen the position of Bombardier as a leading manufacturer of aircraft structures and will ensure the growth of production and the long-term success of Bombardier’s flagship business jet.