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Epic LT Dinasty Review

Dal Kikin
April 2, 2019

The Epic LT Dinasty is a US-made turboprop single-engine aircraft, originally produced by Epic Aircraft, and later by China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Primus.

The first attempts to create an Epic LT Dinasty model aircraft were made by American aircraft designers in 2002, and after very brief design work, in 2004 the aircraft made its first flight.

Despite the low cost, the Epic LT Dinasty aircraft did not acquire much popularity over the period of its production, and this is due not so much to the bankruptcy of Epic Aircraft, but to the fact that the aircraft was currently being produced and is being produced as self-contained kits. assemblies, which, even taking into account the availability of specialized tools and equipment, require about 1100-1200 hours of work, which is unacceptable. Initially, the Chinese aircraft manufacturers planned to begin production of fully finished aircraft, however, this greatly increased their price, and therefore it was decided to abandon this step.

The aircraft Epic LT Dinasty has a very attractive design and good performance characteristics, which allows to some extent to compete with aircraft of this type of other world-famous aircraft manufacturers. On board the Epic LT Dinasty model can accommodate up to 6 people, in particular, we are talking about the pilot and five passengers, however, often the aircraft of this model are operated mainly as an administrative type aircraft. Due to the limited space available on board the aircraft, the Epic LT Dinasty aircraft is unsuitable for transporting cargo, although the payload taken on board allows it.

The powerplant of the Epic LT Dinasty model is presented as a single Pratt & Whitney PT6-67A turboprop aircraft engine capable of developing a total thrust of 1200 hp, which is quite acceptable, and at the same time makes it possible to accelerate the aircraft to a speed of 630 km / h . (cruising speed of the aircraft). The maximum distance that the Epic LT Dinasty model aircraft can cover is about 3470 kilometers, which, in the absence of the aforementioned deficiencies, would allow the use of an aircraft in the commercial sphere, in particular, as an air taxi or aircraft for the transport of passengers to local and regional airlines.