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Eclipse 550 Jet - a twin-engine business aircraft

Dal Kikin
October 31, 2018

Eclipse Aerospace 550 Jet is a twin-engine jet plane manufactured using the most advanced technology. The design of its body and the power plant apparatus is almost the same as the previous, popular model EA-500. But innovations have affected all the systems of the internal "stuffing", from the flight qualities of the aircraft to ensuring comfort and safety for passengers and the pilot.

Eclipse 550 Jet Specifications:

The Eclipse 550 Jet outperforms any other jet in the world. Its operating costs are lower than those of any jet, and even turboprop aircraft. This aircraft was designed with a focus on efficiency and innovation. As a result, it has become a real business tool - affordable, fast and efficient, providing passengers with maximum comfort and safety in flight.

The Eclipse 550 Jet is equipped with the same Pratt & Whitney PW610F turbofan engines as the EA-500 model. Their diameter is only 30 centimeters, they are equipped with an electronic mode control (FADEC). The strength of aircraft engines is such that it allows it with a weight of 2.7 tons to move at a maximum cruising speed of about 700 km / h over a distance of more than 2,000 kilometers with a full load of fuel.

The maximum flight altitude is 12.5 km above sea level: this is enough to go around any atmospheric fronts and pass over thunderstorms or other adverse weather conditions, while maintaining a speed of more than 680 km / h. Fuel consumption - 223 liters per hour of flight. The number of passengers is up to 6 people.

Eclipse 550 Jet is made of “flying metal” duralumin, and a significant part of its parts are connected using friction welding (friction), which not only increased the strength of the structure, but also allowed an additional reduction in aircraft weight by abandoning 60% of the rivets. For the first time in business aviation, Eclipse Aerospace proposes to install the Auto Throttles system, an automatic thrust system, as an optional one. The edges of the wing and horizontal tail of the business jet are equipped with reliable protectors for the anti-icing system FIKI.

Buying an Eclipse 550 Jet makes it possible to save millions by comparing its price and operating costs with the closest neighbors in the class of aircraft. For example, the cost of the flight between Boston and Miami will be only 56 US cents per mile, or less than 10 cents per passenger.

The base price for the Eclipse 550 Jet is $ 2,695,000.