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Dassault Aviation has acquired two MROs for business jets.

Dal Kikin
March 22, 2019

Dassault Aviation has acquired two MROs for business jets. Objective: Strengthen global presence and increase the market share of the Falcon maintenance team. Other acquisitions are not excluded.

In less than a month, Dassault Aviation acquired the MRO-business ExecuJet and TAG Aviation Group. For TAG Aviation, which specializes in “Dassault and Bombardier products,” the acquisition covers only European MRO operations with service stations, which strengthens the already existing Dassault Aviation network. 

ExecuJet brings a much larger network to a much larger global presence with three petrol stations in Africa, one in Dubai, one in Kuala Lumpur and four in Australia / New Zealand. Regions where Dassault Aviation does not have service stations. And this movement of acquisitions workshops MRO may well continue. In an interview, Eric Trappier, president of Dassault Aviation, responded: “Why not?”, Presenting the company's annual results. Latin America could be the next target in terms of a location map provided by Dassault Aviation.

Some time has passed since Dassault Aviation has been working on building up customer service and MRO. The first step was to introduce the Falcon Response quick response concept with customers that had malfunctioning. Falcon Response now has two planes and 1395 flight hours accumulated for 191 missions. With positive feedback on the results of a survey conducted with customers. Thus, an industrial strategy is added to a business jet, the first component of which also responds to customer satisfaction by providing “Falcon technical support” in its own network for quality control and management. direct customer relationships throughout the entire service period. ”

The second part of this industrial strategy is to increase the “Dassault Group’s market share in servicing Falcon”, and not only because TAG Aviation also specializes in Bombardier, while Execujet was able to “keep the customer base of business jets of different brands "And the implementation of the two components passes through the global network of service stations. Especially since we are talking about maintaining control over the Falcon MRO fleet, 2300 aircraft in the world, while eliminating the" risk that a competitor will become the main contractor for servicing our aircraft. "