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Citation Longitude certification delayed by US paperwork

BEAM Staff
July 20, 2018

According to Textron Aviation, Cessna's parent company, certification of its new Citation Longitude aircraft series is being held up by the FAA in the US, over some additional paperwork that the company had not expected. The aircraft was supposed to be delivered near the end of the first half of the year 2018.

“This new process involves the creation of thousands of pages of documentation, which we just haven’t done in the past and it’s a result of the implementation of this new process and it’s just an enormous amount of work that we haven’t had on previous certifications that was a bit unplanned.” commented Textron CEO, Scott Donnelly.

According to Donnelly, the Citation Longitude should now receive its certification within the next couple of months, allowing it to proceed with deliveries. 

Powered by two Honeywell engines, the Citation Longitude is being marketed as offering leading fuel-efficiency. Stretching for 7.67m in length across a width of nearly 2m, the Longitude's cabin is able to carry up to 8 passengers under its standard configuration, with the possibility to replace the catering area with an extra seat.

Having completed its first flight in October 2016, the Longitude is now fully tested out and awaiting the certification held up by the FAA to start deliveries. According to Textron, much of the demand for the aircraft is coming from existing Cessna customers, with some considering a switch away from the competition and their Challenger 300s and Gulfstream G280. The aircraft is marketed at $23.9 million.