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Chinese bizjet operator to run Antarctica charters on Guflstream aircraft

Anastasia Dagaeva
January 9, 2018

With more private jet operators beginning to offer flights to Antarctica for the well heeled, adventurous types. Deer Jet announced it will become the first Chinese company to do so, capping off more than a year of planning with a successful demonstration flight by a Gulfstream G650 last month. 

The flight landed on the blue ice runway at Wolf’s Fang Airport, the primary runway for the US Antarctic Program during the summer Antarctic season due to its proximity to McMurdo Station. The mission involved the evaluating hundreds of risk tests, flight routes and flight support and emergency plans, according to the company. Following this first milestone direct flight, Deer Jet said it will offer charter service from China to Antarctica, according to AINonline.

Deer Jet said, its Gulfstream G650 executive jet (registered N988DJ), took off from Hong Kong with 22 passengers on a 15-hour journey to Cape Town, South Africa. There, it refueled before heading to Wolfs Fang Runway, Antarctica. 

Onboard the aircraft were paying guests including executives of one of the China’s biggest holdings HNA Group. This company plans to launch a South Pole tourism product in 2018 and add the Antarctica to its travel itineraries, reports CH-Aviation

Deer Jet is not the first bizjet operator flying to the South Pole. Earlier in 2017, Angola’s Bestfly company inaugurated the Antarctica destination on its Gulfstream G650ER. Another charter companies sharing the route are Finlands’ jetFlite and Australian’s Skytraders operating Dassault Falcon 7X and Airbus A319 types.

Deer Jet is the China’s first private jet company, it manages a fleet of some 90 aircraft flying to 820 airports across 180 countries and regions. In September 2016, Deer Jet took over the management of the VVIP-configured Boeing-787 Dream Jet. The aircraft was added to Deer Jet’s Hong Kong-based fleet. 

The company invited renowned French aircraft interior designer Jacques Pierrejean to create the cabin interior. It’s the world’s only Boeing BBJ 787 available for charter. The company has a second BBJ 787 in completion, which will be delivered in 2018.