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Business operator Global Jet Concept received the first aircraft Legacy 650

Dal Kikin
January 6, 2019

The airline Global Jet Concept, which organizes charter flights in the field of business aviation, has expanded its fleet with a new type of aircraft.

The aircraft Embraer Legacy 650 with the tail number LX-MIA will be operated under the flag of Global Jet Luxembourg. The plane will be based at Nice airport.

Managed by Global Jet is more than 75 aircraft. Among them are business aircraft manufacturers Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream, Dassault and others. Aircraft are based in European cities such as Geneva, Paris, Nice and London, as well as in Moscow.

Global Jet specializes in the sale and management of aircraft, as well as their design. In addition, the company organizes charter flights. Global Jet is headquartered in Geneva and Luxembourg, and has offices in Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Monaco, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

The flagship of the Embraer family of large business jets, the Legacy 650, is based on the Legacy 600, which, in turn, was an adaptation for business aviation of the tried and tested regional passenger aircraft platform.

Legacy 650 is divided into three zones, customers are offered several options for their layout. Sofa and sliding chairs, depending on the chosen configuration, allow to arrange up to 6 beds. The optimal number of passenger seats in this aircraft is 13.

The kitchen in the front of the aircraft provides enough space for the necessary utensils, storage and serving dishes. The spacious toilet room is located in the tail section, from which access to the luggage compartment is open during the flight. The digital control system of the cabin electronics can do a lot - from lowering the porthole curtains to outputting the video and maps of the system to monitors.

All seats can be equipped with individual displays, in addition, the image can be displayed on the central widescreen screens - their number and size are optional. The three-zone layout of the cabin allows for a separate compartment to rest in the tail section, separating it with a partition and a dense sliding curtain.