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British Airways unveils new business class Club Suites.

Dal Kikin
March 19, 2019

British Airways has long been working on the development of a new business-class product. The current product - narrow and loose chairs in the 2-4-2 configuration - does not meet the industry standards at all.

We knew that the new seats would have direct access to the aisle and would be more private than the current ones. In addition, the British promised not only to take the finished product, but to develop unique chairs.

And then came the long-awaited day. We finally found out in all details how the new business class of British Airways will look like. And it is impressive!

New seats will be a kind of reverse herringbone in the 1-2-1 configuration. They are laid out in a fully horizontal bed and have a door that provides maximum privacy. According to British Airways, the suite will have 40% more storage space than the current version of the chair, an 18.5-inch HD entertainment screen and an individual mirror.

Here are some photos of the Club Suites.

As far as can be judged from the photographs, this is a modernized version of reverse herringbone, to which doors and a fixed partition in the central unit have been added. It seems that the partition can not be omitted completely; you can only move the screen, which occupies half its width.

I propose, first of all, to consider the British Airways business class not from the point of view of a closed suite, but from the point of view that this is a giant step forward compared to the current seats. Reverse herringbone is one of the most comfortable varieties of premium products on the market, with or without a door.

Ironically, the new British Airways business class is cooler than their own first class.

I remind you that in addition to the chairs, the British have already made some improvements in terms of catering, bedding and accessories, and announced further improvements to the soft product.