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Bombardier will increase the supply of business jets in 2019

Dal Kikin
December 13, 2018

Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier plans to supply customers from 150 to 155 business jets in 2019, the company said. This should help the aircraft manufacturer achieve the goal of generating revenue of $ 18 billion next year, which is about 10% more than this year’s estimated similar figure.

As of October of this year, Bombardier delivered 96 business jets to customers. At the end of the year, the company plans to supply 135 jets. Thus, next year, the number of transferred aircraft is expected to increase by 11-15%.

Bombardier cites the launch of the Global 7500 aircraft, which received certification from Canadian aviation authorities this fall, as one of the growth factors next year. This aircraft is designed to carry up to 19 passengers. and is the most long-range aircraft in its class (capable of flying up to 14260 k). Cruising speed of the aircraft is 1040.4 km / h (0.85 M). Sun lead in operation in the "coming days."

Also next year, the company plans to begin deliveries of two long-haul business jets: the Global 5500 with a range of 10,556 km and the Global 6500, capable of landing 12,223 km without landing. The maximum flight speed of these aircraft must reach 1102 km / h. As a power plant, Rolls-Royce engines from the new Pearl 15 family have been selected with a load of 6860 kg.

The company plans to increase deliveries of business jets against the sale of the Q400 Dash-8 regional turboprop aircraft program and the Bombardier CSeries narrow-body aircraft program this year. In accordance with the previously announced plans, the aircraft manufacturer intends to focus on the growing capabilities of the business aviation segment (as well as on the field of railway transport and aircraft components manufacturing). The company also remains regional commercial aircraft of the CRJ Series.

It should be noted that at the end of 2017, Bombardier delivered 140 business jets (-14%). In the commercial aircraft segment, 73 AC were delivered (-15%).

Next year, the company expects to deliver 35 commercial aircraft CRJ. By 2020, Bombardier plans to make the remaining commercial aviation segment profitable, including thinking about increasing the pace of production of these aircrafts.