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Bombardier Global 7500 put into operation

Dal Kikin
December 24, 2018

The new business jet Global 7500, which is the most long-haul aircraft in its class, was put into operation, the aircraft manufacturer, Bombardier, said.

The aircraft with a range of 14,260 km was certified late, in October of this year. It was originally planned that the launch of the aircraft will take place in 2016, but in the process of working on the business jet, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer had to redesign the wing to reduce the weight of the aircraft, because of which the work schedule on the business jet was shifted.

It is worth noting that in the process of testing, which began in November 2016, the flight range was increased by 556 km.

The Global 7500, designed to carry up to 19 passengers, is the most long-haul aircraft in its class. He is able to fly a distance of 14,260 km and fly nonstop between New York and Hong Kong or Singapore and San Francisco.

The Global 7500 program was launched in October 2010. When working on a business jet, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer had to redesign the wing to reduce aircraft weight, as a result of which the machine commissioning dates, originally scheduled for 2016, were postponed. The flight test program for the Global 7500 began in November 2016. The aircraft involved in the tests flew more than 2,700 hours. As part of the tests, the stated flight range was increased by 556 km. The manufacturer promised that it would not affect the cost of a business jet.

Cruising speed is 1040.4 km / h (0.85 M). The manufacturer claims that the Global 7500 requires one of the smallest distances for takeoff (1770 m) compared to competing business jets. The aircraft is equipped with Passport engines manufactured by GE Aviation 8.5 tons.

The new business aircraft will compete with the Gulfstream 650ER. Consulting agency Teal Group, in its forecast until 2021, noted that Bombardier, along with Gulfstream, will become the market leader in business jets: their share in total terms will be 28.3 and 31.5% of the market, respectively. Earlier, Bombardier hoped that the launch of the business jet Global 7500 to the market would help it to increase revenue and increase the pace of production of business jets. The number of orders received for the new aircraft is not disclosed.

Recall that next year Bombardier plans to receive revenue in the amount of $ 18 billion, and putting the Global 7500 into operation will be one of the factors for the planned growth.

Photos: Bombardier