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Boeing believes in future of VIP airliners

Dal Kikin
December 14, 2018

The supplier of billionaires and heads of state, the American manufacturer is transforming its funds and large carriers of elite flying houses.

The quirks of billionaires have no limits. And this is good for aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, which find a way to reduce private aviation on their medium and large aircraft carriers 787, 777, 747 and 737. In the twenty-two years of operation, a subsidiary of Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) sold 260 such aircraft.

“Half of our clients are wealthy people, 30% are a charter companies, the remaining 20% ??are the heads of state,” said Greg Laxton, president of the BBJ. They significantly upgraded or expanded their fleet last year and ordered the Boeing 12 of these aircraft to make 2017 great for an American, accounting for 16 sales.

7-10 aircraft sold per year

According to Greg Laxton, ten years after the great crisis of 2008, the future looks more promising. “We are closely linked to economic growth, which, in our opinion, remains good. From 2 to 3% per year for us translates into an increase of 6%. That will ensure the sale of 7 to 10 private aircraft.

Like its competitor Airbus, Boeing enjoys the confidence associated with its commercial aviation experience. Example: the last BBJ Max, which is already the subject of 20 orders in all its versions (7, 8, 9 and 10). Derived from the 737 Max-7 and originally designed to carry 172 passengers, it will be reconfigured to accommodate only about twenty (plus crew) in the version developed by Alberto Pinto Design. The operation is not a magic wand: for transformation in the centers of internal development, under the close supervision of the manufacturer, safety is required, from eight to eighteen months.

Flying Penthouse

The vacant space allows you to equip the living room, office (of course, connected to the Internet), a room with a double bed and a shower room, a kitchen ... Its auxiliary tanks give BBJ Max unmatched autonomy (13,000 km) for a private plane, which allows it to unite Los -Angeles or Tokyo from Paris, fuel consumption is 14% lower than in previous versions.

For the customer, the supplement is salty: about $ 100 million (before the negotiations), 75 of which are supplied to the aircraft "green" or naked by the manufacturer. After what you need to call home, the second job is a matter of customer requirements and fantasies. “Development of interior design and decor is not our job. Buyers still prefer, entrust this work to specialists, in very small quantities, about 6 or 7 in the world, ” - adds the leader.

Daniela Butsen, who is a subcontractor (categories of dishes and textiles) of such interior designers, such as Atelier Alberto Pinto, confirms. “The final price can be multiplied by ten or fifteen, depending on the wealth of materials used,” she notes. On the example of this client, who had gold panels, all inside the cabin. Thierry Butsen, the former Belgian Formula One pilot converted into a brokerage, followed the last in Monaco for luxury brands. The result was a bit random for Berliner. “Thierry had a client who asked him to remake the decoration of his Airbus A 319, and I took the plunge,” she says.

Satisfy everyone

Seven years later, Boutsen Design is leading a team of 15 people of all nationalities to suit the prism of tastes and sensitivity of the inkjet set. SMEs participated in the design of the interior of ten Boeing airplanes (including the American Directorate General), seven Airbus airplanes, and a dozen "small" airplanes (Gulfstream, Embraer, Bombardier ...).

Boutsen Design adapts to the race for the size of these “luxury mobile homes” that their owners want to see as much as possible in the image of their homes.

Boeing sellers say that using a large aircraft does not cost much more than a small one. “Maintenance costs are lower. And for a group, having a sufficiently large tool to combine management can save up to 30 days of business trips per year, ”says BBJ marketing director Captain Alex Fekto.