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Boeing-Backed Hybrid-Electric Zunum Plane will be equipped with Safran turbine

Dal Kikin
October 8, 2018

Boeing-and JetBlue Zunum Aero is one of the most promising projects for creating a hybrid electric aircraft, and finally chose the French company Safran, which specializes in the production of innovative engines, as a supplier of turbines. Safran Helicopter Engines will provide a new electric motor model based on the Ardiden line, which will generate from 1,700 to 2.00 hp shafts, which will provide 500 kW of power. 

The Zunum aircraft, known as the ZA10, will be able to accommodate up to 12 passengers (although more spacious configurations will be available) and fly more than 700 miles at a time, thanks to the turbogenerator, which provides unusually low operating costs (2-4 times less than modern jets ).

Zunum Aero has already begun ground testing of an innovative airliner and plans to transfer the first aircraft in 2021, after passing the FAA certification process.

As for project support, many leading airlines have already become interested in the newest airliner, for example JetSuite, a small charter airline with plans to expand commercial operations at the national level, will eventually receive up to 100 aircraft accommodating up to 12 passengers each, said Zunum founder Mat Knupp in his statement on monday. The charter operator is supported by Qatar Airways.