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BMW's Designworks Revamps Eva Air’s Business Class Seats

Dal Kikin
October 9, 2018

BMW's Deignworks studio partnered with the Taiwanese airline EVA Air revamps business classs seats. Now the Boeing 787 airplanes of the Taiwanese air carrier EVA Air will be equipped with the latest aircrafts, modernized for the needs of the modern air traveler. Designers wanted to create a unique and bold experience for airline passengers, which will stand out from the usual airline locations. He created places that used woolen rug, natural leather and textiles to create a luxurious experience, while maintaining comfort and durability.

“At a time where consumer expectations continue to rise across their daily brand interactions, mobility industries must constantly adapt to rapidly changing customer needs”, said Design Director Johannes Lampela from Designworks’ LA Studio. “For the aviation industry this means balancing flexibility with a structured environment, providing privacy without isolation, as well as complete connectivity within a premium and relaxed setting.»

Deignworks Studios managed to create an ergonomic and comfortable space for air travel, where there is a place for everything: from a large cabinet for storing personal effects to a wide surface on one side of the seat, which is ideal for temporary storage of your laptop when you need a break from work. Judging by the drawings, this is one of the most impressive aspects of the design, as it gives you a lot of surface area without relying on your dining tray. Keeping cubes near your feet provides space for tall, bulky items.

The seats are wide, and gives the passenger a lot of personal space. In addition to these features, Designworks also included subtle touches that you may not even realize, but which enhance the experience. The abundance of flat surfaces helps create artificial horizon lines that reinforce your sense of stability. The color palette of the seats is varied - with dark skin, white surfaces, various shades of gray and even small strokes of green, but works well in harmony, without looking cluttered. These hints of green even complement the cockpit uniform.

The second EVA Air Boeing 787, equipped with new Designworks business class seats, was delivered on October 2.