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Aviation industry titan, Serge Dassault dies aged 93

BEAM Staff
May 31, 2018

Serge Dassault, CEO of the iconic Dassault Group, passed away aged 93, last week in Paris. France's 4th richest man with a net worth estimated at $22.6 billion, Dassault marked the aviation industry in a major way through one of the behemoths of the space, Dassault Group.

Employing over 25,000 people, Dassault Group is primarily known for its aviation arm, Dassault Aviation, which produces aircrafts for the military as well as as the iconic Falcon private jets.

In addition to the aviation arm, Dassault owned Dassault Systems, a software provider, the French national newspaper, Le Figaro, art auction house, Artcurial as well as other privately held assets.

Photo by iStock/Yellow_lizard