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Aura: semi-private boutique airline

Dal Kikin
September 20, 2018

The American airline, based in Florida, offers an entirely new level of air travel: it is the first semi-private boutique airline that offers airfare at business-class prices on distinct routes operated by private planes and using private terminals, allowing passengers to get a whole new level of comfort and services at a guaranteed low price (the price of a regular ticket in the business class), as well as to obtain the full range of privileges for private jet passengers, such as: registration and security line aspects.

The fleet will consist of 5-10 summer regional airliners Bombardier CRJ700, completely rebuilt by the Swiss company Yasava Solutions. Among the changes made by the Swiss design agency are: a reduction in the number of seats from 75 to 29 passengers (which will increase the level of individual comfort to an allowable maximum due to the increase in space). The aircraft salon will be divided into two parts: in the front there will be 8 seats for a more privileged class of passengers (called Wave): the space design will look like a real business jet, while in the second half of the cabin will accommodate 21 people. The ceiling of both compartments will be equipped with an OVED display, passengers will be able to enjoy the view of the starry sky overhead, sunset or dawn. In addition to the ceiling, the technology of augmented reality will also be equipped with individual passenger displays where they can watch IMAX high-definition video or admire the 360-degree view from the top of the aircraft in real time.

Founder of the airline 21-year-old Zander Futernick plans to launch the first commercial flight as early as next year, but the start date has not yet been indicated. Initially, the aviation service will serve will serve the routes to Miami, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Denver. However, Aura has big plans for expansion around the world.
"Our greatest value proposition is time savings," Futernick says, noting that clients have to arrive at the airport only 20 minutes before takeoff. "For frequent business travelers, that translates to days, if not weeks of time, added back to their lives." - he said

As for the cost, as mentioned earlier, tickets will not exceed business flight prices in the same direction: from $ 280 to $ 580 for the first class, and $ 600 to $ 1,180 for the Wave class. It should be noted that these prices are specified for participants of the KeyHolders program, which allows participants to use fixed rates and have a guaranteed seat on the plane ($ 700 admission fee and a monthly fee of $ 250)