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Apertus Aviation the exclusive charter representative of the new Citation Latitude in China

Dal Kikin
May 4, 2019

Apertus Aviation, a private charter flight consulting firm, was appointed the exclusive charter representative of two completely new Citation Latitude business jets, which are now available in China. The collaboration includes Apertus, which provides high-quality management services for charter operations in Asia, and Emper, to provide an unrivalled world-class experience for customers around the world.

Mr. Ringo Fan, managing director of Apertus Aviation, commented: “In the past, large aircraft dominated the Asian market, but we are seeing a transition to medium-sized airplanes due to growing demand from Europe. Customers from these markets are familiar with this type of aircraft. And now customers in Asia also see the benefits of cost-effective and easy access to small city airports. Together with Emper, we want to strengthen this segment. We are proud to present these two aircraft Citation Latitude. The comfort and outstanding performance of the aircraft will surely satisfy the needs of our growing number of customers looking for a first-class private jet experience. "

The two medium-sized Citation Latitude aircraft are the latest models of the best-selling Cessna family aircraft. The aircraft is based in Shenzhen and Shanghai and have a range of four hours. Being the most compact aircraft on the Chinese charter market, the Citation Latitude makes major destinations in Asia and beyond more accessible than ever. 

Mr. Zhenhao Fang, Chairman of the Board of Emper General Aviation, one of the youngest and most dynamic operators in the region, based in Suzhou, said: “We are very pleased that APERTUS represents us on the Asian charter market with these two aircraft. The team has an extensive international experience that will undoubtedly help us expand our target audience. ”