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Airbus Helicopters boosted helicopter sales in 2018

Dal Kikin
January 24, 2019

Airbus Helicopters H160

Airbus Helicopters, the largest manufacturer of helicopters in the world, on the background of rising sales and increasing market share, the supply of helicopters decreases.

In 2018, the European manufacturer delivered 356 helicopters to customers, which is almost 13% less than in 2017 and 14.8% less than in 2016. At the same time, the number of actual orders of the company increased by 13.7 %, up to 381 aircrafts.

Despite the drop in shipments, Airbus Helicopters still holds a leading position in the global market for civilian and departmental vehicles (with a capacity of more than five passengers) with a share of 54% (an increase of 4 percentage points by 2017). The manufacturer noted that while the civilian and departmental helicopter sectors are at a consistently low level all over the world, Airbus Helicopters managed to increase its market share in military helicopters thanks to new contracts.

Airbus Helicopters H135

The most popular product of the Airbus Helicopters product line last year (as in 2016) were light single-engine H125 / H130 helicopters: the company sold 195 such vehicles (27 aircraft more than in 2017). The number of orders for light twin-engined H135 / H145, sold in an amount of 148 units, increased. (+ 41%), as well as for medium-sized H155 helicopters (five aircraft were sold against four in 2017)

Airbus Helicopters H125

For the first time in 2018, Airbus Helicopters received orders for 15 new medium-sized H160 helicopters. Recall that in December, embarked on flight tests of the first serial helicopter of this type. The starting customer for the H160 was the Babcock operator (headquartered in the UK), who will receive it in 2020.

Airbus Helicopters H175

Last year was also a success for the multi-purpose helicopter NH90, which attracted an order for 28 aircrafts from Qatar. The manufacturer also expects to receive an order for helicopters of this type from Spain (for 23 units). The negative dynamics was shown by the aircraft of the SuperPuma and H175 family: the number of contracts for these helicopter models decreased by more than four and three times, respectively.

Airbus Helicopters H155

In general, the total order book of the manufacturer at the end of 2018 amounted to 717 helicopters, which is 3.6% more than in 2017.

Airbus Helicopters noted that last year the company delivered the first of 100 ordered H135 helicopters for a consortium from China to Qingdao, where the final assembly line of these helicopters is being built.